Trip to Couço + Santa Luzia - Moreira | Portugal

Trip to Couço + Santa Luzia - Moreira | Portugal

By aleister | Trip to | Series | 13 Sep 2020


The mapping I have done for the different parishes in the North of Portugal has allowed me to visit and make known a lot of new places and some of them quite interesting, either because of their visual characteristics, or because of the history they carry.
This time I'm going to make myself known to the same extent as I know this little corner of Moreira da Maia where I've passed thousands of times without ever making the detour I made today and that allowed me to visit a small place that has always been here since I know myself, but that never had the interest and curiosity to know, despite knowing some of the few inhabitants who live there.





Starting with this small square where the Chapel of Santa Luzia is located, religious architecture with a rectangular plant from the 19th century with a cultural and devotional nature.
The main door is flanked by two windows, presenting a window in the form of an oculus in the upper plane, also presenting a window on each side and with wedges topped by pinnacles.







In the same nucleus and forming a square where the chapel is inserted in the center, we have Quinta de Santa Luzia, "Sta Luzia Farm" and a set of houses with an ancient architectural style, with details of very old ironwork and gratin worked with marks of old coats of influential families in this Moreira area.
Along the way, the absence of people on the streets and even in the fields made the visit a little lonely and the source of some stories had to be consulted through the network since I did not have the opportunity to ask one of the locals who simply did not appear.






Moreira is full of places with history, streets, squares, remarkable buildings, civil and religious, modest houses of traditional architecture that allow us to imagine and see how our ancestors lived.
Along the way it is possible to find some houses with a front in carved granite masonry from the 19th century, and be amazed, completely abandoned! I imagine the story that those walls could tell ..
Here, very close to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, the well-irrigated soils boosted the cultivation of cereals and flax, having even been one of the most significant areas in the supply of the canopy that equipped the caravels that set out to discover new worlds at the time of the discoveries.






Today the exploration of the land is much more modest, and it is possible to verify that many of the lands are abandoned as well as some houses, in an environment that although mostly rural, is surrounded by a huge industrial area that is not possible to see from here, in fact, it is possible, but I made sure to frame the lens well in order to differentiate the two realities.
It was a circular circuit that ended at the same point where it started, making it possible to capture the same records from different perspectives.






Throughout these records that I have made, and checking the routine of different communities, it is possible to verify that despite the differences that separate them, such as the basis of their livelihood, there is a common point between them all, for these people who live from the countryside, or from fishing, the disorder with which they have the utensils they need in their daily work is a sign of an arduous routine, of a job that does not make life easier for anyone, which depends a lot on natural factors.




Before I got to the place of departure, I started to feel that intense smell characteristic of that area that alerts to the presence of large animals and after a short climb there they are, in a small farm with some cows arranged in line at the time of with an environment completely infested with methane and heavy gases.
It was not the ideal scenario to end this visit, but not everything smells like roses :P




That´s all for today :)


See you soon
Thank you for watching :)

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