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Predator/Parasite Wars

By ArmFarm | Tried -True - Tested | 7 Nov 2021

If you have read this blog, for some time now, you may recall a post or 2 where I introduced the topic of natural warfare - Where People who live in Rural Areas - face a much more intense interaction with Predation and Parasitic infestation. 

In this intelligence briefing -

Introduction to Possibe/Probable Encounters with Massive Yard Invasions, from Fleas, Roaches, Ticks, Fire Ants, and a number of harmful insects. If the threat is not neutralized, this invasion may quickly spread into Your House. The factors involved will be greatly increased, if you also have dogs and cats!

With that being said, Dogs and Cats are much more preferable than an infestation of rodents, snakes, and other dangerous wildlife. 

In order to control and/or neutralize the complex attack of Fleas and Roaches  - much more sophisticated actions are required, than the massive application of poisonous chemicals. In fact, such a quick fix may well complicate the entire process. Many insects will simply mutate, as survivors acquire immunity to previously used poisons.

At this point, we will focos upon the tactics, and weapons, which provide the most preferred outcome.  As you may, or may not be aware, many chemical poisons used against insects - are also toxic to humans. Sometimes, extremely so.

I am not ruling out the application of poisons. There are strong idications of their use, in certain strategical applications. 

For the remainder of this brief, we will focus on a highly effective, and extremely powerful combinations of Chemical Agents - and Tactical Applications.

One very important factor, we must take into consideration, is that Flea Life Cycles are not simple. Elements which may prove fatal for adults, most likely will not damage eggs and/or juvaniles. Simple destruction, of the adult population, will most likely result in a quick return of undesirable replacements - in a very short period of time.

Formula for Success -

Treat your canines with a tolerable dose of ivomech. This medication is highly effective, as a first wave assault upon  infestations! It most often causes an extremely high mortality rate, among a large number of harmful oganisms. It has been proven lethal to Heart Worms, Fleas, Ticks, stomach worms etc... - over and over throughout a long history - among a tremendous range of mamals! 

Caution!!! - Do Not administer to cats. It is extremely toxic to them.

Toxic to neither Dog, Cat, or Human - is a secret weapon - many people have heard of - but never actually tried. Once you give it a try, you will be a believer! 

Don't waste your 'money on Commercial Dips and Chemicals - Simply apply Dawn Liquid Detergent as you give  your pets a bath. It will Instantly kill All Fleas - upon contact. Doesn't take much either. A light solution, of thoroughly mixed Dawn and Water, will drop most types of wasps straight from their nest - to the grond - lifeless and nonmoving.  It is a higly effective Insectacide. 

If Ticks and/or fleas persists on your dogs, wait one week from the administration of Ivomec - and apply one of the monthly Flea/Tick treatments that can be found over the counter.

Although certain aggressive infestations may require certain other additions, this next application of chemical agent - is usually more than enough when used in conjunction with the previous steps.

Strategic application of Boric Acid( Pet Bedding areas, rugs, carpets, corners, baseboards - whever fleas may be encountered) as a dust cloud - will attack and prove lethal to any survivors that encounter it. It is also just as lethal to roaches. 

In a final clarification, i am not saying this is only applical to rural areas. It is also proven to be very cost effecient, and very Effective in just about any Human dwelling environment. Low level of toxcisity, Low cost, highly effective - Save your money, save your family health, eliminate parasites and predators. 

Intelligence  - for successful neutralization of Pests and Family/Pet health threats.

Thans for your time, attention, and interest!

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Tried -True - Tested
Tried -True - Tested

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