Partial Perception Involving Cointiply

By ArmFarm | Tried -True - Tested | 6 Mar 2022

I just became aware of a perception, which i hold concerning Cointiply. It has been a hot and cold experience for me over these years. One observation became crystal clear and i would like to share it with you. It involves the user base.

A large majority of Cointiply Community Members can be classified into 3 divisions. Not necessarily in this order - High Level Members, who may not be heard from (in chat) very often. I expect many of them keep an open window(tab), running Cointiply, among their others. Their high level numbers speak volumes, concerning their experience and success.

People who find it a bit too much time consuming, for their present time schedule, often work just enough to build an interest  baring account.

People who often come back and wonder why they haven't been participating all along. At that point, I spent quite a bit of time heavily involved in an active period of working offers. If you are willing to participate in surveys, you can get caught up in the steadily building coin rewards. It is realistically possible to earn very significant coin returns, for time invested.

I am sure there are other types. These became glaringly obvious to me today.

If the creeks don't rise up and flood the proverbial back yard, You will be somewhat impressed, if you open an account (should you not have one) leave the 3500 minimum interest baring amount(compounded weekly), and check it out 3 years from now. Chances are that you will regret not having spent even a minimum time, claiming faucets and working PTCs. A very powerful method of building up reserves that can be applied in buying the dips.

If you don't already hold an account on Cointiply, please follow my link to establish your new account.

Of course you don't have to use my link, but it will be appreciated if you do.

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Tried -True - Tested
Tried -True - Tested

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