Doge is Aliiiiive! 🐕
Dogecoin Darth Vader

Doge is Aliiiiive! 🐕

By TrevorBalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 4 Jan 2020

Why Hello There People!


trevor balthrop dogecoin


dogecoin doge trevor balthrop


Is alive!

What is this madness this obnoxious post is trying to say?


Despite the recent tests against Bulls; where Bitcoin and just about every other crypto plummeted.

The safe haven of Dogecoin has stayed low and steady.

Slow and ready!

Doge Coin, The Doge of Coins, the Doge, or whatever we want to call it.

Dogecoin has seen a very steady decrease over the past couple of months.

Spikes here and there have happened that seemed to match regular market gains for that day or week.

However, despite recent spikes and dips, the Dogecoin of wonder has hardly responded.

Btc trevor balthrop

Here is the most recent downward spiral for BTC Bitcoin that occurred this week. 

When BTC dipped to just above $6800, many other coins naturally dipped along with it. 

Author trevor balthrop

Here we see Dogecoin at the same exact time.

Notice what happened there?

Doge started to move with the downfall of the market but sneakily bounced it's way back up to an important threshold.

A threshold not far off from where it was at prior to everything dropping.

From what was seen in the market and what has echoed since.

It seems as though every market received a beating with a hard recovery. 

All except for Doge that is...

Which is still at a very reasonably low and bearish price point! 

Hopefully, many of us have this cooky joke derived asset in their portfolio.

Not only is it ridiculously hilarious to tell friends about, many of us who have learned what Doge is. 

Having learned this, it is that Doge is actually still a very huge, profitable, and reputable cryptocurrency to back.

If we forgot why it is profitable a safe-haven, here is a quick list of Dogecoin facts:

  • Dogecoin started out as a joke that quickly grew into an actual blockchain-backed cryptocurrency for trading
  • Dogecoin can be mined for relatively affordable rates
  • Dogecoin has value because Bitcoin has value
  • Dogecoin is literal Bitcoin copy+paste except unlimited at this time
  • Dogecoin has ATM's
  • Dogecoin is cheap
  • Dogecoin is great for learning
  • Dogecoin still has a loyal community
  • Dogecoin supported by many great wallets
  • Dogecoin supported by Binance and many other great exchanges
  • Dogecoin has fewer options for fraud
  • Dogecoin is actually decentralized
  • Dogecoin has low transfer fees
  • Dogecoin supports Tip bots
  • Dogecoin has many dedicated faucet and gambling services
  • Dogecoin offers in-store sales support
  • Dogecoin can be cloud-mined here --->

That is quite a lot of amazing reasons to support the good ol' doge! 

Right now while the Doge has been sneakily burying its head down in the couches of the crypto markets.

It is a really good time to try out Doge even if it is just a little bit. With a Bullish year ahead this puppy is bound to thrive!

Sure it started out as a joke, but that is all the more reason to invest!

Any true investor of Doge knows the true story of it and isn't scared of the memes. 

After all, this started as a meme, so it should take one to know one right?




Trevor Balthrop

Thank you tons for reading! 

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