By TrevorBalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 11 Apr 2021

Hello, out there in the world of Crypto!

My name is Trevor and today I have HUGE news for Alt Coins and Crypto!

"Well, come on now Trevor! What's the big deal?"

Hodl your horse's people, I will get to that in a minute I promise 😅

But first!

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Or at least that is how things have been shaping up in recent weeks.

That is not "the" HUGE news though!

It is wonderful news, of course, but it isn't quite exactly what I wanted to share with you today!

In a little bit, I will quickly highlight a few Altcoins for the season buuuut guess what?

That is also not why I brought you here!

The HUGE news I am referring to is that when the next Altcoin Season does occur.

Whether that be later this month or further down the road more.

Based on how the markets are looking we are about to see one of the craziest Altcoin Seasons in Cryptocurrency history.

Some could argue the last one was amazing, aaaand no doubt it was!

However, the last one was nowhere near as big as some of the Altcoin Seasons that occurred back in 2017.

Minute by minute, we are now gearing up to something similar but also greater.

Why will it be greater, you might ask?

Three reasons why!

1. More people are ready for it
2. More retail investors trust Crypto now
3. It is inevitable

Back in 2017, things were admittedly very shaky in terms of speculation.

The lack of trust, time, money, and scalability led to the tops we saw back in those days.

Fast forward to today and things are WAY different.

trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

We are getting amazing news almost every day and every week even crazier news comes out regarding Crypto & Bitcoin.

News that use to spike the numbers now barely seems to move the markets at all by today's standards!

Sorry to admit it but even Elon Musk's tweets are losing steam in those pumps!

So we are in very interesting times right now and that is definitely for certain.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum hit new All-Time Highs recently.

We may see corrections but mostly sideways action from Bitcoin and we can't forget that Ethereum is actually an Altcoin!

Anything other than Bitcoin or Stablecoins? We can count those as Altcoins 😎

Basically what this means, is that right now as Bitcoin figures out what the heck it wants to do with itself.

The rest of the market will take the opportunity to do what we call Consolidation!

During a Consolidation period for Bitcoin, coins in the Bull Market get their chance to start shining.

One way to tell is by looking up Bitcoins Dominance in the market!

After Bitcoin pumps and starts to lose Market Dominance.

This effect is because the rest of the market is trying to play catch-up with Bitcoin!

trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

So things like Ethereum or Litecoin start to chip away at Bitcoin's price.

To do this, a bunch of new money and a bunch of new expensive Bitcoin floods into these different Altcoins.

The result is, of course, higher Price Targets for whichever coin is having its lucky day.

Now, I can't tell you which coins will be the luckiest, however!

I can quickly go over with everyone a lot of the coins I hear the most about and my opinions regarding them.

No promises here of course!

But hopefully, by highlighting a few good Altcoins, you can decide on your own to find the best Altcoin for you!

So to get this one out of the way first, let's talk about the biggest Altcoin out there.


trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

Do not be fooled!

Yes, Ethereum is 100% still an Altcoin and I know you might be thinking.

"But Trevor! Ethereum just hit an All-Time High! You are crazy to think it will go any higher!"

That is true, and it does waver on the side of crazy a little bit.


When you factor in a huge Altcoin Season and more mass adoption.

We start to get a recipe for a Moon Landing in our future.

The cherry on top of this recipe would be the fact that Ethereum is supposed to reach $10,000 by the end of this year.

It's only April...

Now, for Ethereum to reach those numbers it would line up perfectly with another leg up from where it is currently sitting.

It won't be long before we see the end of days to buy Ethereum under $2k

Months from now, many people are going to wish they bought near what we could currently say might be a top for Ethereum!

Sounds crazy now, but that's also what we were saying earlier this year about prices getting to $2k 😉

Next Altcoin to highlight!


trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

This one might seem a little crazy too since it literally just had a hefty pump of its own.

This could very well be the Altcoin signaling to the rest of the Crypto Market that Altcoin Season is officially here.

First, it was Bitcoin, then we had Ethereum, now we saw Litecoin pump!

Although it seems expensive now, Litecoin has enough of the market to climb even higher and truly break its most recent All-Time High.

Litecoin could consolidate yes, but it might not be for very long.

We could easily wake up one day soon to see a massive overnight pump that reaches past $300 per LTC!

What's great about this Altcoin is that even if it doesn't break All-Time Highs soon.

It is still a safer investment than most of the other Altcoins out there right now because it could now be considered "too big to fail" we could say.

This is great to know for investment reasons!

That's because if Litecoin does drop in price it won't completely crash.

It should make only minor corrections that we can buy the dips on.

So if you were to ask me about this Altcoin?

I'm still very Bullish on Litecoin!

Next Altcoin on my list!


trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

I know, I know, many of you are probably rolling your eyes about Dogecoin.


Altcoin Seasons would not be complete without a Dogecoin pump of some kind.

And while we may not see Dogecoin go to a Dollar, or at least most likely not anytime soon

We know that it in a Bull Market scenario like the one we have now.

Dogecoin will be used as "liquidity" or a "hedge" for people to dumb their gains into.

That's why there are always really confusing Dogecoin pumps out of the blue!

Now would I go spend my entire portfolio and all my money to gobble up a bunch of Dogecoin right now?

No way, Jose Doge!

Dogecoin should be thought of as something that is like a Rainy Day type of thing.

Basically what that means, is that Dogecoin is fun to hodl because there is really no telling how high, or when it is going to skyrocket.

The same can be said for price drops too though, so with Dogecoin investors must be careful.

In my opinion...

The recommended amount I think people should hodl is only just 10,000 Doge!

Not $10,000 USD of Doge, what I mean is literally only 10,000 Dogecoins and that's it.

That's just enough to make it fun to hodl and potentially really beneficial for you one day if you continue to keep and wait for the pump!

Next Alt Coin!


trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

Yes, this unicorn of an Altcoin is here to stay.

The utility behind Uniswap gives investors great reasons to hodl onto their UNI Coins!

Hodling these coins allow you to more freely participate in decentralized Uniswap services.

With their most recent upgrade to Version 3 of Uniswap's systems, this will easily make Uniswap a great Altcoin to keep onto.

The price of this coin has been trading at around $30 USD and is expected to see a climb here soon.

Now like with anything, I wouldn't go piling everything we got into Uniswap.


It might not be a bad idea to have a good portion of Uniswap just in case it does double in price here in the coming months.

My next AltCoin to highlight!


trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

All without looking for Kusama I heard the buzz surrounding it!

This is a newer one for me but one that I have heard a lot of great things about.

These are all signs to me that good things may be on the way for Kusama's price here soon.

What is Kusama? Well!

Kusama works in conjunction with DOT or Polkadot!

It is sort of like an "Intro" for startups to build using Polkadot's properties before actually moving to Polkadot's network.

The environment that Kusama provides new blockchain developers gives it unique "gem" like properties for investors.

And like with any other gem or diamond in the rough.

It's nice to have on hand just in case things get wild!

This brings me to my next Alt Coin!


trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

Woohoo, DOT!

If Kusama is too speculative for some of us, we can always go directly to the source of Kusama's infrastructure.

Which is Polkadot!

Polkadot, like Ethereum, is a blockchain network built to help solve a lot of the scalability and governing issues that Ethereum struggles with today.

It is a very successful alternative that many places have come to adopt instead of waiting around for Ethereum to figure things out.

Its success has led many early adopters to jump on board over the past few months becoming the heavy hitter it is now in the Crypto markets.

With the recent news about Ethereum 2.0 being stalled to upgrade later this year possibly even next year. 

In the meantime, other players like DOT here will step in Ethereum's place to serve current client's needs!

The more that people catch onto this, the more that Polkadot should soar.

And when those big players catch onto this, Polkadot will soar even harder!

This is definitely not a bad Crypto to hodl onto before Altcoin Season rains down on our parades.

Last but not least, my next coin! Coin!

trevor balthrop trevorbalthrop cryptocurrency bitcoin financial fintech influencer advisor investor trader trading crypto signals

This could easily be one of the most beneficial Altcoins out there that never seems to disappoint.

The Coin or CRO continues to gain steam.

This is especially due to the fact that a lot of very wealthy and some very infamous people have recently endorsed CRO.

We don't really hear this with any other Altcoins and the added benefits of CRO make it that much more amazing of an Altcoin.

This is a true Gem if I have ever seen one!

And CRO despite its recent price jumps, still has price targets that could double, possibly even triple in price here soon.

Then, if for whatever reason it doesn't move with the rest of the Crypto market.

At least we still have a really beneficial and unfailing coin by our side.

If you don't have CRO, in my opinion, you're doing Crypto completely wrong!


If you want to get your grubby little Crypto phalanges onto some Coin.

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Well now!

That's about all that I can pack into this here today, but thank you, everyone, so much for stopping by!

I hope that this helped you plan ahead for a potentially humongous Altcoin Season ahead.

This next one could easily be the biggest one in Crypto history

I needed to make sure I let everyone know before it was too late.

Now, remember!

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Thank you so much for the Thumbs Up and Comments! It helps out big time!

I hope everyone out there has yet another beautiful day of Crypto in their future!


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