3 Every Day Money Goals YOU Should Already Have!
3 three ever day daily money goals you should already have

3 Every Day Money Goals YOU Should Already Have!

By trevorbalthrop | Trevor Balthrop | 30 Aug 2020

Some times it is not so easy setting goals!

After all, goals can be extremely broad or extremely specific which throws another element of confusion into the mix.

That's exactly what confuses me so in order to help myself and others be more successful.

I knew it would be a great idea to break things down for us today by going over one of the greatest goals people can accomplish.

Every Day Goals

trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Every day goals or day-to-day goals are pretty much just things we wish to accomplish after waking up.

Since we are talking Crypto of course, these will be day-to-day goals everyone can start accomplishing immediately.

Figuring out these things and sticking to them has put me in the best position investing into Cryptocurrencies.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


1. Get paid to spend money


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


2. Get paid to keep money


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


3. Get paid to help others do the same


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals



1. Get Paid To Spend Money

trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Yes, readers you will not want to skip this tip at all.

Getting paid to spend money sounds too good to be true or like a waste of time.

Some of us thinking about cashback rewards already know it doesn't really generate that much cash.

While that may be true for the most part, it does not defeat the following rule of thumb.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Every little bit counts!

Especially in Cryptocurrencies like with Bitcoin.

So if something provides us money we would not have earned otherwise.

Why not do it?


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Most people would resort to just finding a better deal on whatever it is they are spending.

Which is 100% fine please keep doing that!

The point here is that people should be finding better prices,


People should use a payment method that rewards them for making all purchases.

That is probably why this was put at the top of the list because it is easily the hardest to accomplish everyday.


It should be!

Spending money should not be easy at all yet we do it every day.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Guess what though?

You do not have to spend money every single day.

And thanks to Cryptocurrency as well as this article now you earn money when you do absolutely "have" to spend your money!

How you say?


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Here is how I figured out how to achieve this goal every single day I "need" to spend money.

- Figure out how much to spend every month to survive

- Figure out how to get rewarded for all of my spending in a month

- Figure out how to do that with Cryptocurrency safely


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


This is where I personally ended up, however, this could be different for you and might change in the future.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals



This place is called Crypto.com who offers some pretty amazing services compared to competitors.

The reason I chose Crypto.com to achieve this first goal is because it offered the perfect perk I needed.

Which was that I wanted to earn money for spending any money that I use with my card.

All my spending is done with a Debit Card anyways and Crypto.com offers a Visa Debit Card I may still use.

The benefit with this Crypto.com Visa Card is that it gives me 3% cash back on "all" of my spending.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Every time I swipe the card, use it online, pump gas, or whatever it may be I get 3% back.

What is the catch exactly?

The 3% reward I received was determined based on how much money I have saved with Crypto.com's coin called CRO.

There are multiple tiers ranging from 1% for holding no savings all the way up to 5% back for holding a couple hundred grand in CRO.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


So pretty much anyone can get cash back on all purchases just for signing up and using their debit card.

Even getting back 1% for all that you spend is worth it to me and much better than nothing!

They may not offer it long so I highly recommend jumping on board to achieve this first day-to-day goal.


2. Get Paid To Keep Money

trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Getting paid to hold onto your money sounds like a dream come true to most people.

Oddly enough, it's actually one of the very easiest dreams to achieve day-to-day.

It involves almost no effort after figuring out this one!

Other then having the money to be able to keep of course.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Even though this goal is the easiest to start, maintain, and continue.

This goal continues to be the main step that separates people from being successful with their money.

You will NOT be able to get paid keeping your money if you do not first learn how to keep your money for a long time.

Time is literally money and the biggest gains happen to those that are patient and dedicated.

Figure out how much you are able to keep onto first otherwise you will set yourself up to disappoint yourself later.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


If your goal is to save $10 and see what it turns into in 1 month. Do it and don't take it out when you find out!

Keep it there and then when you figure that out check out some of the awesome places that reward you for your patience.

Places like Crypto.com offer this too as well as others like Blockfi and Nexo.

Hold that $10 in something like Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum or even CRO.

When you return in a month you will find that you have more then when you started simply because it sat there and gained interest.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


For the purposes of this article and achieving our every day goals today I went ahead and signed up with Crypto.com to knock out this one.

Each day I wake up now I know immediately I have already hit this goal for the day.

If you haven't woke up like that yet you are missing out big time.

Go with Crypto.com or anything else you have done your research on to get this goal out of the way and I promise you will thank yourself later.


3. Get Paid Helping Others Do The Same

trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Getting paid to help others be good with their money is actually a pretty sweet gig.

Now it may not be something achievable every single day like the first two goals.


It is still a bonus source of income that could passively earn you money one day in the future.

Yes, you guessed it already probably.

Referrals are king although it may not seem that way.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


Now I am not saying to go abuse some company's referral system but I am saying you should always be prepared.

In fact, there are actual people out there that are extremely good at referrals!

Great part about referrals too is they links you share sit there forever.

The opportunity for someone else to use your link generates passive income helping you achieve goal number three.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


I have done great with referrals but I will say there is always room for improvement since I too do not hit this goal every day.

So to help myself achieve this goal more often I have added Publish0x into this mix.

With Publish0x, I get to be a proud author that earns rewards every day for posting.

It also let's me share my referrals with intelligent new readers looking to mentor in my footsteps!

Thanks to these forms of helping others I have also been able to become successful as well.

When I wake up every single day I know that have already helped and can continue helping thanks to these tools.


4. Last but not least!

trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


These are day-to-day goals, yes, however; there is an old trick that still works to help get into this every day routine.

Pick a date on the calendar when you will officially start.

When that date comes, do the thing, and pick another date if you have to.

We should not be hard on ourselves if we do not meet meet one of our goals and that includes whoever is reading this right now!


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


One of many differences between those that succeed and those that do not succeed is this.

Those that succeed choose when they want to succeed and know how to manage getting rejected.

Those that do not succeed say things like, "I'll do it later!", or "I'll do it tomorrow!"

I hate to say it but this is 100% true and something I struggled the most with personally.


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


If we tell ourselves we will do it "later" then our brain asks ourselves.

"When is later?"

If we tell ourselves we will do something "tomorrow" our brains ask us.

"What time tomorrow?"

If instead these people simply picked a date, their brains would not behave this way.

Instead their brains will only be able to ask themselves.

"Will I do it?"


trevor balthrop bitcoin 3 daily goals


The only way for our brain to get that answer is to do this.

It is a mind trick that we all have fallen into and are guilty of.

Pick a time to get these 3 every day goals started immediately!

Feel free to share your comments or questions below here on Publish0x and I will do my best to get back to them ASAP 😎

Thank you for reading!

Use my referral link https://platinum.crypto.com/r/2eweb7tamb to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $50 USD 🙂

Follow on Twitter if you dare!




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