Stablecoin vaults on Binance Smart Chain – a quick understand of Nerve Finance

By treforest | treforest portofolio | 21 Apr 2021

The stablecoin plays an important role on today’s crypto trading. Without stablecoins, it would be very hard to know the current value of altcoins as the price of altcoins normally fluctuates dramatically. Nowadays plenty of dapps support swap of stablecoins such as Pancakeswap, Openocean on Binance Smart Chain. These are all great projects for traders. However, there are always two issues that most crypto traders care about.

The first one is low price impact which is also known as low slippage.

The second one is high APY. People are happy to earn more for their deposit.

I am going to introduce a BSC project known as Nerve Finance that I personally in favor. Nerve Finance aims at stablecoin swap and deposit on BSC.

Let’s compare with stablecoin exchange between Pancakeswap and Nerve Finance. Pancakeswap is the most famous DEX on Binance Smart Chain. If we want to swap 10000 BUSD for USDT, we would receive 9982 USDT in Pancakeswap while receive 9994 USDT in Nerve Finance. This figure is based on the screenshot on April 21. So, we see the smaller price impact and lower slippage on Nerve Finance, which is a good choice for traders to swap stablecoins on BSC.

stablecoin swap on Pancakeswapstablecoin swap on Nerve Finance

Another feature of Nerve Finance is its higher reward for stablecoin deposit. In today’s data, the APY of Stablecoin 3Pool is about 94%, which is better compared to most projects. However, 2/3 rewards could not be withdrawn immediately. Users have to wait for 6 months. NRV is the native token of Nerve Finance, and it could be purchased via Pancakeswap. Nerve Finance is a new launched project and developing. Most people who trade on BSC frequently may like such project because it is a great stablecoin vault for stablecoin exchange and deposit.

stablecoin 3Pool on Nerve Finance

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