Emoji blockchain name service “Yat” as a new social profile

By treforest | treforest portofolio | 18 Mar 2022

Blockchain name services have been used widely in recent years. Several examples like Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Solana Name Service (Bonfida)、Cosmos Name Service (Starname) are typical projects intending to match messy wallet addresses with human-readable names that consist of a set of characters or numbers similar to URLs.

For instance, using Bonfida, a kind of Solana Name Service to associate with your Solana wallet address results in yourname.sol to represent your Solana wallet. Similarly, using ENS to associate with your Ethereum wallet address results in yourname.eth that represents your Ethereum wallet address.

However, unlike other major blockchain name services consisting of characters and numbers, Yat is very special because it takes a set of emojis as elements to form the specific username. People are able to select 3 to 5 emoji icons from Yat’s database. The selected emoji icons will be used as a personal username.

search emojis for your Yat

Let’s explain Yat in more detail. If we select the particular diamond, flower, house and rainbow in order, these 4 emoji elements would be given a rhythm score automatically calculated by Yat system and therefore determines the price of Yat. Rhythm score is related to the rarity and uniqueness of selected emoji elements. Moreover, length, popularity as well as pattern of these emoji elements are taken into account. Since the popularity changes over time, the price of Yat is actually dynamic.

my Yat

To purchase selected emoji element as your own Yat, it is required to bind an Email in advance, then the payment could be made via credit card or cryptocurrencies. For those who prefer to pay with ETH or USDC, the transaction will take place through Ethereum Network. Yat name service registration requires one-time fee only.

my Yat

Furthermore, Yat is not only a name service but a personal social profile. The selected emoji elements ranged from 3 to 5 icons length could be regarded as a unique URL which represents your own username and your wallet address.

Yat homepage

To associate Yat with wallet address is easy. Simply click “Connect NFT Wallet” and then synchronize your Metamask wallet.

Yat has a creative function known as visualize. It allows your own Yat to perform as a short movie. During the process of visualization, users are able to edit their own Yats based on several built-in modules. Once the visualization is completed, your Yat can be exported as a short movie or be minted as a NFT.

mint Yat NFT

People have to pay some ETH as gas fees when minting the Yat NFT. The minted NFT can be viewed on many NFT platforms such as Opensea or Rarible. The following picture indicates a Yat NFT with four properties known as Generation, Length, Rhythm Score and Visualizer Theme.


When it comes to the Yat’s practical utility, its social profile function might be the most essential. Users are encouraged to display their social media links like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even artworks in addition to their text profiles.

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