A Solana-based crypto sender PIP: Tips anyone anywhere on Social Media

By treforest | treforest portofolio | 4 Mar 2022

Typically people send tokens to other people by using wallets, which require a specific wallet address or a DNS (Domain Name Service) like ENS (Etherumn Name Service), SNS (Solana Name Service) etc. associated with the user’s original wallet. However, the new style of Web3 blockchain technology has extended the use cases to another level which allows social media such as Twitter contents (Tweets) become the receiver of tokens.

PIP is such a solution that connects social platforms to blockchain protocols, which also means bringing Web2 into Web3 world.

How does PIP work

Initially people have to install PIP Chrome extension, and then connect PIP with a Solana wallet by using Phantom, which is one of the most popular Solana wallets.

Secondly, creating a Solana tag to enable token transfer between social platforms and Solana wallets. The Solana tag also represents the user’s unique wallet address.

Solana tag

In addition, remember to connect your social media account like Twitter with PIP. Then PIP users will be able to send and receive crypto via social platforms.

Let’s look at an example. If a particular tweet is impressive that I want to tip the author, I can simply click the dollar icon at the bottom of this tweet. Then a pop-up screen will ask me the amount of token I want to send. I can also include text messages attached with this transaction.

tip via PIPsend $PIP with text included

The integration of blockchain technologies and social media has changed human’s daily life. PIP makes payment much easier and accessible to everyone without banking. It connects potentially huge people around the world on social media and more importantly, high-quality contents are likely to generate income that also encourages the author good motivation of creation.

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