Tron owner Justin Sun may be purchasing Steemit!

Tron owner Justin Sun may be purchasing Steemit!

By Treeπ | Treepi | 10 Dec 2019

Is Justin Sun acquiring Steemit?

Founder Justin Sun is set to add to the collections of projects he has at hand, as a report claims the CEO is set to purchase content distribution platform Steemit.

Tron is about to expand by bringing in blockchain content platform Steemit into its family, a Chinese new platform has said.

Chinese news platform Mars Finance claimed it was informed by a familiar source that Tron is about to add Steemit to its stream of networks in the blockchain industry. Previously in early December, Justin Sun hinted on an acquisition to strengthen the potency of Tron and BitTorrent ecosystem.

The proclamation was followed by a partnership with KuCoin-incubated POOL-X PoS Mining pool which will allow Tron to work on the network of the acclaimed next-generation PoS mining Pool network. Yet there was no clear indication that the partnership is the acquisition deal Sun was talking about.

Steemit logo

While the ripple of Justin Sun’s promise is yet to cool off, the rumor of Steemit may quench the yen of his teeming followers.

Mars Finance new agency stated that 5 days ago, via Weibo, the founder of Tron, Sun Yuchen (Justin Sun) aired that Tron has just completed two mergers and acquisition.

Steemit is a blockchain-oriented content distribution platform that allows users to upload content and store it on chain to prevent alteration. Steemit allows users to get revenue for their contents, creating a decentralized space for content writers. This is in line with the aim of Tron to decentralize the internet.

Launched in July 4, 2016, Steemit, if acquired will be a great match for the Tron ecosystem as Tron strives to give internet users the freedom they deserve.

Previously, Justin Sun reached an agreement with Poloniex team to invest in the exchange. The acquisition, as reported by NewsLogical was followed by the purchase of Tron largest DEX TRX Market.


The market has seen the price of Steem rise over 12%! Tron (TRX) has not been affected by this rumor as of yet.

Will Justin Sun actually acquire Steem?



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