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100 Followers! Thank you!

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Hey, thanks! This is just an appreciation post for my 100th follower! Hopefully more to come! Be sure to check out my latest posts, upvote, and follow me! I have a new post coming tonight about trading strategy! Stay tuned! I also have some video con...

TTM Trader's Guide: Fibonacci arcs/Fibonacci circles

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Welcome to the first article of the To The Moon Traders Guide series! In this series, we will be covering various aspects of technical analysis. This series will also feature video content which will be released in the coming weeks! So, be sure to s...

New updates to the TTM blog design!

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  Aesthetics You may have noticed that I made some small changes to the design of the website. There has also been a new page added as well. There has been an additional layer added to the top of the header section. This area hosts our static pages a...

To The Moon video and livestreaming channel coming soon?

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Yes, it’s coming soon! So, I’ve decided that the TTM blog could benefit from some video content. I’m also planning on doing livestreams as well! In the beginning, most of the video content will be focused around more educational topics relating to cr...

My PrimeXBT Review – Earn Bitcoin trading crypto, gold, forex, and over 30+ assets!

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What is PrimeXBT? PrimeXBT is a relatively new trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies and other assets such as stocks and commodities. This review will cover my experience with the exchange and what you need to be aware about before using it....

CoinEx - A new cryptocurrency exchange to add to your list!

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What is CoinEx? CoinEx is one of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges on the block, having been in operation since December 2017, but it’s already been making big news; first with its heavy emphasis on Bitcoin Cash, and more recently with its addition...

Steem Engine is release Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Monday!

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  What are Non-Fungible Tokens? For months it was talked about and the day will soon be here. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are finally going live on Monday. This is something that could be enormous. NFTs are an aspect of the digital asset market th...

My review of Bybit derivatives exchange. It's nice!

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Introduction Bybit is a relatively new cryptocurrency derivatives (up to 100x leverage) exchange founded in March of 2018. Bybit is legally structured in the British Virgin Islands, with their headquarters based in Singapore, a well known fintech fri...

QCash Airdrop – $35 of QC for a simple sign up!

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Quick Cash, What is it? QCash (QC) is a a stable coin that is pegged to the Chinese Yuan. QC is a digital currency. Like other digital currencies, QC can be used anywhere in the world, at any time. Unlike other digital currencies, QC is stable. It i...

Bitcoin briefly breaks $8,000! Will the bulls continue to run?

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Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks $8,000 Yesterday, we saw the price of Bitcoin just barely surpass $8,000. Following that break, we very quickly saw a retracement down to the $7,800 region. We now have the price hovering around in the $7,840-$7,880 region at the...