City of Nitra and peak Zobor


In the previous article, we learned something about the Nitra Castle, and today we will go see the city of Nitra and take a trip to Zobor. You can find this old historical town in western Slovakia. It is the fifth largest Slovak city and I highly recommend you to visit it. I went to university here and fell in love with the city. I always like to come back here.


The beginnings of settlement on this territory date back to prehistoric times. The first Zobor fortress was built here already 3000 years before Christ. Nitra has always been a cultural, political and economic center. The tribes of Celts, Germans and finally Slavs took turns here. I guess the first most famous entity was the Principality of Nitra and Prince Pribin, whom you can see in the photo.


The city prospered significantly even during the period of Great Moravia, and there was even a larger agglomeration here than at present.


Nitra really has a lot to brag about. The first known Christian church in Central and Eastern Europe was built here in 828 and the first diocese was located here.


During the reign of Svätopluk, the city flourished. Five castles were built on its territory. They were built mainly of clay, sometimes of stone and also had wooden elements. There were twenty markets. This proves that Nitra was not only a religious, but also a commercial and military center. The period of the Principality of Nitra and Great Moravia was probably the best period in the history of the city.


In the Middle Ages, the city suffered a lot. It had a strategic location and an important castle, so it became the target of many military expeditions.


In 1248, Nitra was a royal city, but forty years later it became an episcopal city. This significantly changed its status and made it a second-category city. At least from the king's point of view. However, it became the episcopal seat and the center of faith and thus continued to be an important center.



For a while, it also fell into Turkish hands, specifically in 1633 during the Turkish conquests. However, the royal army liberated her a year later.


The city, like many others, did not escape bombing during the Second World War. However, we could conclude that this bombing was not a military necessity. In March 1945, Soviet fighters flew over Nitra. They destroyed the anti-aircraft batteries that protected the airspace over the city. A few minutes later, Soviet bombers arrived and bombed the city. At that time, markets were held in the city and there were many people in the square. 345 people died, including only 13 soldiers. At that time, no Wehrmacht army was in the vicinity.


I have two more tips for visitors to the city. If you have small children, be sure to stop by the city park. You can find it behind the castle, and in addition to the nice view of the castle from there, there is also a mini zoo. Here you will find farm animals, as well as deer and a children's playground.



In the title I mention Mount Zobor. It is a peak above the city that seems to guard it. I myself have been on it several times. It is a good walk through the deciduous forest. It has a nice view of the whole city. We went to the mountain to toast. We took a guitar and sausages and relaxed like this during the warm summer evenings.


Zobor is also known for its natural significance. There is a nature reserve called Zoborská lesostep. There are thermophilic glassy, steppe and forest-steppe plant communities. In addition to the protection of these biotopes, the forest-steppe also has an educational character. There are excursions and lectures about these plant communities and their protection.

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