The best travel of your life?

The best travel of your life?

By Jack Topics | Travel Topics | 24 Jan 2021

Travel?? Yes, but how? when? Where?




I believe and I am not wrong when I say that we all deserve a great trip, after all this nightmare that the pandemic is causing. 


Go out, change scene, meet people, to LIVE.


Well, it's time to imagine it, plan it and make it happen as soon as possible.

That trip through Europe that we have all dreamed of, well! I am going to present you one of the most charming ways to travel the old continent. See the wonders that are presented before your eyes between kilometers of route through the railways.


Yes, I am talking about that train trip with which Hercules Poirot's mustache hair would stand on end, and if in the purest Orient Express style traveling by night train from Paris to Vienna, or traveling through the beautiful landscapes that separate Budapest from Munich .


With the ease of writing the destination you want to go to on your own ticket.

A way of traveling that captivated me for years, and after carrying it out, it has me even more captivated.

Well let's get down to business! I'm talking about:




On this website you can buy tickets to travel through 33 countries with a single Interrail Pass. Catch trains from Lisbon to Prague, from northern Norway to the sunny Andalusia in southern Spain. It's up to you.






As you can see there is no destination that you could not reach.

All you need is time and planning.

You have different forms of passes

  • 7 days within 1 month
  • 5 days within 1 month
  • 10 days within 2 months

And more... 


In my case, I chose the pass with the right to 5 days of travel between 30 days of duration, and this was my itinerary:





The great thing about this, is that you decide on what date you start the count, in my case I land in Paris on August 13 and write my first train trip (and start of the 30-day count) on August 16 with my pass. destination to Amsterdam. My recommendation is that you reserve at the station from where you have to leave, the seats on the train (prices range from free, to in my case the most expensive reservation was 5 euros for the seat. In this way you ensure a place to go sitting and enjoying the scenery, although in some trains you have the option of going between wagons, but it is not the most comfortable option in the world.



As soon as I arrived at the destination, I was going to reserve the next seat for the next trip, so I was carefree until the day I left.


Another great thing about this pass is that you can start and finish it wherever you decide, I landed in Paris from Spain, and returned to Spain from Munich.

In my case they were day trips, but if you want to travel more km you have the option of booking in sleeper cars, that is, you need to do it at least 4 months in advance.

I highly recommend this method to travel, and travel several countries or the same.



It is a very comfortable and simple way to organize the itinerary, and if you make it compatible with tourist accommodation (airbnb, wimdu), you will get it to be cheaper. 

I personally always travel with this apps.

In the following blog I will talk about the best accommodation options, and the best payment options and money withdrawals with accounts that do not charge commissions, and that pay in the currency of the country in which you are without any commission, even in cryptocurrency


I hope it is useful for you and you consider this travel system. I'm sure it will be a great success.


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