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I traveled to Brazil during the winter holidays. Are you curious wbat are costs there? . I do not know what you expect, but two and half weeks in Brazil on a vacation alone, costed me 2200 euros.


The vacation in Brazil was not the most expensive vacation

In Brazil was cheap accommodation, instead transportation, food, entrance tickets and other purchases were more expensive

Entering in Brazil

For Brazil you do not need a visa, And at the airport, at the passport control, I stayed maximum 4-5 minutes. Compared to other Asian countries where you complete the forms on arrival, you take your fingerprints a few times, get your picture taken, stand in line, etc., everything was unreal.

Local transport

Taxi are expensive, Uber is very cheap and convenient, unfortunately I didn't know this from the beginning: upon arrival in São Paulo I paid 126 reals for a taxi to the hotel, with Uber I would have paid 40- 45 reals

rest I traveled by subway and bus, a subway ticket costs 4 reals in São Paulo, 4.5 reais in Rio and 5 reais in Brasilia. The bus has different prices: 4.3 reals in São Paulo, 3.5 or 5 reals in Brasilia, 4.5 reals in Rio. You can pay the ticket and cash directly on the bus, they have a driver who receives the money and there is a rotating barrier on the bus you have to go through - I haven't seen this system before.


I bought two day trips: one on Amazon (150 reals, much cheaper than what I saw online), which included lunch and swimming with pink dolphins.

The second trip was to Ilha Grande, on the beaches there: 200 reais.


Most were Brazilians, quite a few foreigners, I think they were all in Europe). Apart from a few places where it was crowded (Cristo Redeemer, Escadaria Selarón in Rio), the rest of the tourists flow was bearable. And here I can compare with Europe, in the famous places that have become unbearable crowded. In Brazil you could breathe, it was fine, I hope it stays that way.   I have been to many countrie,  but Brazil was the most pleasant vacation: Rio, summer, freedom to move around the world through the most beautiful places, nature and beaches, people who wished me smiling, good food and the animals you encountered in the middle of the metropolis (monkeys in Rio) or in nature (dolphins, parrots). I was happy there, it will be hard to find other destinations to match this country I hope you liked my info

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Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

Travel opinion
Travel opinion

Traveling prices, taxes, best places (countries) to visit. Happy situations. My opinion.

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