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By Publish7 | Travel in Greece | 8 Jun 2020

Since ancient times the residents of the island Amorgos were producing a traditional homemade liquor in order to treat their guests. Even today, if you visit the famous monastery of Hozoviotissa, the monks will welcome you with one of the finest (self-made) Rakomelo (also known as psimeni Raki).

Hozoviotissa - Rakomelo

The base ingredients for this alcoholic beverage are Raki, honey and herbs (cinnamon, cloves, amorgi, carnation, …). Raki is the product of a double distillation of grapes. From this, you can understand that Rakomelo is a strong drink with a unique and delicious taste.
I am sure that once you had it, you will ache for more. (So please drink it with care).

Rakomelo can be consumed in the summer (with ice cubes) but I prefer to drink it ‘heated’ during the winter as it is what I call a heart-warming drink to sit back, relax and go, one more time, over those beautiful, care-free, summer ‘holiday’ memories.

Each time I read something about ‘Ambrosia’, being the drink of the Gods, I am sure they actually refer to Rakomelo.

Rakomelo - Amorgion

The most famous brand of Rakomelo here on the island is Amorgion. A bottle of 750 ml costs about 12 euros.


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