The Monastery of Hozoviotissa

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The Monastery of Hozoviotissa

The monastery of Hozoviotissa is one of the most famous, remarkable sight-seeings on the island of Amorgos. It was founded in 1088 and is built into the cliffs (about 300m above sea level) underneath the capital of the island: Chora. 

This unique monastery is named after an icon of the Virgin Mary was fished from the sea here at this specific place. It is believed that the icon has its origins from the place 'Chozovo' in Palestine and came here to protect the island. Every year, on the 21st of November, the icon is carried around the island and celebrations/festivals take place everywhere. Those of you who are blessed to visit Amorgos in this period will experience a unique 'spiritual' uplift.

Hozoviotissa - Icon - Virgin Mary

When you visit this 'holy' place, be sure you wear appropriate clothes (meaning nor your legs, arms or shoulders should be naked/visible and woman are not allowed to wear pants). Outside of the monastery you will find some spare clothes to 'fix up' in case you forgot about this rule.

Hozoviotissa - Dress Code

The door to the monastery is so small that a really deep bow is needed to visit this sanctuary. Once inside, a very steep and narrow staircase leads up to the dining room. Here the monks will welcome you with coffee, bread, some local sweet and one of the finest (self-made) 'Amorgion' liqueur. Jummy!

Hozoviotissa - Dining Room Hozoviotissa - Dining Room - Icon

After that the monks will give you a short guided tour inside the complex (nearly labyrinthine) establishment. The building is about 40 meters high and has a maximum width (thickness) of about 5 meters and it covers eight floors. A look through one of its small windows is a breath-taking experience: your eyes get fondled by one of the 'deepest' bluish waters you have ever seen in your life!

Chozoviotissa - Window

Agia Anna Beach

Amorgos is loved by hikers from all over the world. There are many walking paths that all come together at this place. We took the path from Katapola over Chora here.

All paths lead to... Hozoviotissa!


LOCATION  : 36°50'04.2"N 25°54'34.6"E (36.8345043 25.9074171).
TYPE           : MONASTERY.



  • 08:30 - 13:00
  • 17:00 - 19:00

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