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Where Do I Start? Well... how about where it all began!

By RalCat | Travel & Crypto | 26 Apr 2021

Hi Publish0x!

So, I've finally decided to post my very first article here after much procrastinating and endless thought on how I could possibly add value to this space that is full of so many incredible writers and articles. I'm by no means any crypto expert (I'm quite the noob actually) but have now dabbled in this world since around October 2020 and am so happy I got into it because I love the possibilities and freedoms it can bring to humanity as a whole. It's the future, it's ours and it's here!

I also love travelling & exploring, and my aim here is to not only write about what I've learned in the crypto sphere but to also share my adventures I've had all over this beautiful planet as I've been lucky enough to have seen and experienced so much of it. I thought of starting out by writing articles that may help other noobs in the crypto universe by simply explaining what I've done and what I've learned, but then I got to thinking... why not start first with where it all began?

And here we are! My very first article on my humble beginnings :)

I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, a Southern African country surrounded by Zambia & Malawi (to the North), South Africa (to the South), Mozambique (to the East) and Botswana & Namibia (to the West). It's a nation that has had more than its fair share of hardships and struggles, yet its people remain ever hopeful, resilient & resourceful. I grew up in a wonderful mixing pot of peoples that claim heritage from all over the globe... from the United Kingdom, Netherlands & Belgium to Germany, Greece & Portugal all mixed in with the indigenous peoples such as the Shona with heritage from Northern African ancestry (Bantu) as well as the Ndebele with Southern African ancestry (Zulu). My ancestry being European.

South Africa has so famously branded itself the "Rainbow Nation", and so too is Zimbabwe.

There's so much I could get in to here, but I'll keep it brief for now.

Many don't know what wonders exist in Zimbabwe, such as the ruins of the ancient African kingdom & civilisation of Munhumutapa (google it, you'll be surprised), also referred to as "The Great Zimbabwe Ruins". Pic below.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins (Munhumutapa)

There's also fascinating examples of very old, intricate & detailed bushman rock paintings found in the enchanting caves of Chinhoyi as well as at the famous balancing rock formations in the Matopos. Pics below.

  Rock Paintings

Balancing Rocks Balancing Rocks

One of the jewels of Africa is found in Zimbabwe too, the mighty Victoria Falls... one of the largest waterfalls in the world known by local tribes people as "Mosi oa tunya", roughly translated as "The smoke that thunders".  It really does thunder & gives you a true sense of the power of mother nature. Legend has it that this is also the home of the snake river god "Nyami nyami", one of the most important gods to the Tonga people. Pics below from one of my most recent trips there.

Vic Falls 1

Vic Falls 2

Vic Falls 3

Of course, one of the most beautiful facets of this land is the wildlife where you have the opportunity to get up close and personal (not too close though) with lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, zebras and an array of different types of antelope such as the Kudu (one of my favourites), the Eland, the Sable, the Gemsbok, the Impala & the Springbok.   

 Elephants                    Giraffe

Well, I don't live in Zimbabwe anymore but I do miss it all the time and will go back to visit whenever I get the chance. If ever you get the opportunity to go someday, do it! It's a special place.

I'm going to leave it there for now, thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for more later plus additional articles/photos from my worldwide travels & adventures.

I will also be writing more about and sharing my experiences in the crypto world as I continue to learn & grow in the space, and plan to explore the topic of cryptocurrencies in travel as more and more travel companies adopt and start accepting crypto.

Crypto-tourism is on the rise.


Stay curious & keep exploring.

Peace & love!

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