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BCH Awareness: What can I do to promote BCH?

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I have been browsing my feed on and I have noticed that a lot of these amazing writers that I am subscribed to has published articles on BCH Awareness and BCH Adoption. I was, of course, so inspired that I want to jump right in and show my support in this wonderful "movement".

For starters, or to those people who does not know much about the idea of BCH Awareness/Adoption, here is a basic introduction about it:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Awareness/Adoption, at least in my knowledge, is the act of promoting, sharing and making other people know about the existence of Bitcoin Cash or mostly known as BCH. Its not just letting them know what it is but how it works as well. Eventually, convincing them to use BCH and using it in their daily lives.

I actually listed two of those articles that promotes the use of BCH. I recommend for you to check this articles out.

  • This article is titled "BCH Adoption Plan: Stage 1" by @realkimmy. As you can see on the title itself, it is more of a research type. I will definitely support this one. The detailed processes and steps they were able to perform is so commendable. Lets wait for the next stages to be publish. Salute!

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  • Another article about BCH Awareness/Adoption that I was so fascinated by is the article "BitcoinCash ILOILO: Carrying Satoshi's Vision and Passing them to Merchants" by @sjbuendia . This article shares how he was able to onboard actual merchant to use Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. I mean, that is so amazing. Its already hard to convince an ordinary person to use BCH but the fact that he was able to make a merchant to adopt BCH and be part of their business is totally another level.

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I am sure that there are more articles like these out there. If you know some, feel free to comment the links to those articles so that we can commend their great efforts of promoting BCH.

I read those articles that I have mentioned and I noticed that they included a lot of their actions that they did and they will do in order for them to promote BCH Awareness/Adoption. As a reader and a writer myself, I am so amazed that they will go to a certain extent just to let their respective communities know about BCH.


After reading all of these heartwarming articles, I also want to share some of things that I can do to raise the Awareness of BCH.



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We all know how beneficial social media is. Its almost used by every people in the world. It eases the way we communicate to each other.

Using social media is the first thing I have thought of on how to promote BCH. Let alone, Facebook can reach a million people at a time. As you know, there are a lot of groups on Facebook about anything that you can think of. A simple post about BCH in these groups is already a great help. Just the thought of them reading the word "BCH" and registering that in their brains is a big move already. The next time that they will encounter the word "BCH" again, they will realize that they have seen it before and try to remember it. Somehow they'll get curious about it and eventually research BCH. By them exerting efforts to know more about BCH is considered a major success!



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"Word of mouth or viva voce, is the passing of information from person to person using oral communication, which could be as simple as telling someone the time of day. Storytelling is a common form of word-of-mouth communication where one person tells others a story about a real event or something made up."

Source: Wikipedia

This strategy is commonly used in businesses and promotions. As a graduate of Business Administration, I have heard this term a million times. But I did not know how helpful it can be.

I have a lot of friends and relatives that are so close to me. Some of them are already aware of BCH and cryptocurrency in general. My two sisters are actually the first people who I told about cryptocurrency. I was able to convince them to patronize cryptocurrency especially XRP and Bitcoin Cash. Just me sharing it to them, they were also able to onboard some of their friends. How powerful is the word-of-mouth is? It works like a charm!

If all of us are going to talk about BCH and how it works to people we know, it might be easier for the adoption of BCH.



I know you're think about TV Commercials and the like when you hear the word "advertisements". No! Its not limited to that. Advertisements come in so many forms such as posters, tarpaulins, billboards, and as simple as a flyer. Spreading BCH through these mediums will be a huge help. Giving out flyers or printing small tarpaulins about how beneficial BCH can attract a lot of people.

These are some of my means on how to promote BCH. I have already done one of these mentioned ways and I will definitely do the others soon. I'll just gather some more info and thoughts on how to effectively do it.

A lot of people already share how they will contribute in the promotion of BCH. Now I will ask you:


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