Latin American Cinema : I dream in another language

By AryaStark | Travel and Leisure | 2 May 2021



Cinema is a passion of the multitudes, and these months of quarantine gave many people the necessary time to catch up on their favorite movies and series. It must be said: something good has brought the forced confinement.

But the way in which each person chooses to use their new free time is a very personal decision , so I am not ashamed to admit that I have dedicated myself to leisure, especially watching movies, something for which I did not usually have much time or money. .

Fortunately, technology brings the seventh art closer to the comfort of our sofas and allows us to immerse ourselves in fantastic stories.


In my case, I always doubted Latin American cinema, accustomed to Hollywood blockbusters that have more form than background, I assumed that those would not have the visual quality to which we are accustomed. Error ! Not only is the visual part very good, the most surprising thing is the originality and quality of the stories and scripts.

Dream in another language is a great example of the quality of the new Latin American cinema, combining an exquisite visual aesthetic, an original and coherent story with a message or messages to reflect on, and an intelligent script with touches of humor and drama in balance, which It keeps you on the edge of the chair.

The film is from 2017, directed by Ernesto Contreras with a cast not well known to the general public , but who manage to tell the story movingly. Winner of several Ariel Awards and one from the Sundance Institute / Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award among others, it is a film that is definitely worth watching.


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