How to Fix the Silos of Digital Asset Trading Platforms

By TradingBull | TradingBull_articles | 21 Apr 2021

Silos have a function, even within the Digital Assets space. They keep assets safe from nefarious actors or traders' careless mistakes. They allow assets to only exist within the confines of a shell that has been created for them. Silos create a monolithic, uniform environment; without contamination from the outside world. They offer a controlled, yet isolated, way of life that maintains the status quo.

Despite the decentralized and distributed ethos of blockchain, the products and services that have emerged in the space have not been built within this same mindset. Products address specific industry pain points, but do not address the underlying problem. Each Digital Asset trading service exists as a silo, unintegrated with the larger decentralized landscape.

This siloed nature of the products and services built around the decentralized ideology has created inefficiencies. The most notable is the sheer quantity of services traders must use to place trades and manage their portfolio.

Traders rely on several:

  • Exchanges
  • Wallets
  • Portfolio Trackers
  • Trading Bots
  • News Feeds
  • Social Medias

Each serves a unique and valuable purpose, yet none offer a complete solution. The siloed nature means that no single platform is integrated with the next. Traders find they cannot rely on just one of these solutions when executing their digital asset trading strategy.  Across years of experience, amount of assets held, and investment objectives, crypto traders use multiple exchanges, data sources and other services to execute their investment thesis.

The issue with managing these different platforms lies in the ethos of blockchain decentralization.

Traders know that it takes an army of tools to execute their investment thesis. They want to break out of the silos. They know there must be a better way to take back control of their digital asset portfolio.


TradingBull offers Digital Asset traders the complete platform they need to break down the information silos that have become the standard operating procedure of the industry. It affords Digital Asset traders the complete view they need to manage their trading strategy. Through a complete interface that aggregates all the platforms crypto traders need, TradingBull offers the end to end solution that de-silos the blockchain ecosystem.


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