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By MikeZillo | Trading with Mike Zillo | 21 Jun 2022

Today I want to share with you some deep information about this platform for copy trading that makes it accessible and simple in all its complexities.

First of all, copy trading means the ability offered by professional traders, to be able to repeat their trades.

But that is not all, in this How To, you will understand very well why I have dubbed the platform “copy trading for everyone!” immediately after registration, the first page that opens is not the dashboard, but directly the page with the list of all traders and their performance.

A point of clarification: copy trading should be seen as an added value, a diversification of one’s basket and an almost constant income that helps to increase one’s supply.

This position would be advisable to integrate it into one’s PACC and I can confirm that it is can be an excellent entry.

Obviously if you mechanically repeat the trades of professional traders you will hardly learn your portfolio management, but just a little bit of effort and you can go from one side of the situation to the other.

In practice from being a mere copier, one may well become a trader who is imitated.

Not a bad thing!

But let’s proceed to touch on this extraordinary, in its simplicity, platform.

On the potential of copy trading, PACC and basket diversification, I will write a dedicated article as the topic needs to be explored further.

Let’s get started!

First let’s click on this LINK to open the page and be addressed to the Zignaly universe.

First, you will need to register yourself:1*I-OfJ6wmsFX7-GPTa2Wrsw.png

Once the appropriate fields have been filled in, the registration button must be pressed. As soon as you press it, a page opens that requires an activation code, which is sent by email. NOTE: The code is valid for 15 minutes, after which you must repeat the operation


As soon as you enter the last digit of the activation code, the procedure goes on and you enter the Zignaly world.

Contrary to what you might expect, you do not enter the Dashboard, but the “Profit Sharing” page-that is, the page devoted to selecting traders to copy.

1*TgdtGg01NcBBErxKmnKZeA.pngOn this page we can select the trader we want, and clicking on it, performance page will open, but let’s go step by step:


On the left we have a menu that is activated when the pointer is passed (Arrow 1). On the upper right we have 3 separate menus that are related to:

Arrow 2: Fund Accreditation;

Arrow 3: Zignaly Wallet;

Arrow 4: Profile Settings


This is the preparatory step to be able to fully utilize the platform and be able to generate profits.

In order to be credited funds, you must be registered HERE!

NOTE: transfer ONLY the funds you can afford to lose! This article is not financial advice but a guide to using the Zignaly platform.

This is the page: we are in the personal account


Following the order of the arrows we have the various sections.

Arrow 1: Orders.

This section displays the personal order book.


Arrow 2: Account Settings. In this section we can change some features of our account; including the name. (I called it “Account Copy”).


To confirm the changes, click the “save” button and to return to the previous page click the “back” button

Back on our account page we have the numbers 3 to 5 indicating the operations we can do. The same tabs are repeated on the “Deposit” page


As I wrote just above, below the account name we have the 3 tabs indicating the possibilities: Deposit, Transfer, and Conversion.

Clicking on the “Buy With Creditcard” button will divert you to the Changelly site (a safe provider as also Ledger relies on it for internal swaps).


The Withdraw tab is the section for sending tokens from the Zignaly platform to any other proprietary account or wallet.



In this screen we have full management of transfers: on the left is the budget and the ability to select the coin. On the right we can select the transfer network according to the selected coin, the address to send the amount to, and select the amount.

Once all fields are filled in we can press the Withdraw button to confirm the operation.

NOTE: Check the network type every time, otherwise the funds are lost forever!!!

Interesting, isn’t it? Come on, register and start expanding your PACC

“Convert” tab:

This function is very interesting: along the lines of Binance, the option is given to convert balances close to 0 (or that would be of less than GAS amount) to convert them directly to BNB.


Let’s return to the main page and pick up from the menu on the left, the one marked with arrow 1


The first menu item is the dashboard, here we can navigate to the 4 tabs there. Note the green symbol indicated by arrow 5: it means that the account is connected.


The “Position” tab which is the active one and we can recognize it by the line under the word, lists all the positions we have, in the first line of the box there are the three respective filters: Open, Closed and a summary table of Error Log where all the occurred errors during the setup of the positions are recorded.

The “Balance” tab as the word itself indicates, is an overview of our financial situation.


Moving down the screen we come to a table listing all the transactions. On the right (indicated by the arrow) top, we can download the transactions in CSV format (the little cloud) or change the columnar layout.


Continuing on we encounter the “Analytics” tab, this tab provides us with a graphical representation of our profits as a function of the trades we have closed.


Obviously in the first line the one highlighted in gray, we can filter the data on which we want to do the graphical return. The button on the right “X CLEAR ALL” clears all the filters.

We now come to the last tab, “Connected Traders.”


This window lists all the traders we are following, or, rather, copying.

Let’s move on to the second item, “Profit Sharing.”


This page collects all traders who are available to copy trades.

Clicking on the “View Trader” button opens the trader’s performance in detail:


It is basically the “dashboard” of the trader we might be interested in copying; in order to copy him, we just click on the “Copy This Trader” button.

The very interesting aspect of this section is that a portion of profits is given to the trader being copied.

On the right side of the main page is a button that gives the option to join the traders who are copied.

In order to become a trader who offers the ability to replicate your trades, it’s super easy click HERE!

The next menu item is “Copy-Traders.”


Along the lines of “Profit Sharing,” this page lists all traders who give the option of copying their trades. In this case, however, the traders offer the service on a subscription basis. We can see this at the top right of the box.

Clearly if we click on “View Trader,” we go into the trader’s details and can see which exchanges they trade on and the subscription cost:


Penultimate entry is “Signal Providers.” This section lists all traders who, on a subscription basis, provide signals for their trades.

The construction is identical to “Profit Sharing” and “Copy Traders.”


Click on the “View Provider” button to enter the provider’s details.


Penultimate menu item is the “Trading Terminal.”


This screen is divided into 2 sections: on the left we have the chart of the trading pair we selected in the box above. In this chart, as on TradingView we can draw lines and use other tools such as Fibonacci.

On the right instead we can set the extremes of our trade: stop loss, take profit, etc.

When we are sure of the settings we can click on the button below “Open Position” and automatically the position is opened and we can see it in the first tab of the dashboard.


Last menu item is the ability to select day/night view.

Surely you have noticed this little icon present in all screens:


Well we also have online help: it’s a chat where we can ask any kind of information and it also gives us the response time.

Really a well-made platform that leaves nothing to chance!



We have come to the end of this How to of Zignaly: it is true that the possibilities offered by the platform are many and easy for everyone to learn.

Here, then, that Zignaly is the copy-trading platform for everyone, and that is why I recommend that you register and start trading.

Remember, though, to use only those funds that you can afford to lose!

See you next week that I talk more in depth about copy trading and Zignaly’s philosophy!

See you!!!








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