Trading Journey (HODL UP)

By jorgegabrielvm | Trading Journey | 14 May 2020

Good morning guys

Lets keep up


Screenshot (1215).png

Look what I have to say, I wouldnt recommend nobody to trade BTC right now, just buy more if you are able to and HODL, look there is bunch of money coming here from Wall street, they been buying for their clients but the wave havent started yet


Screenshot (1217).png

Look wtf is this? like a said yesterday I expect an explosive move coming from the market and I dont know the direction

  • Bullish: Heading to $13500
  • Bearish: Bouncing on $7000

Too many mixed signals


Screenshot (1216).png

How to know it?
1W price action

  • Bullish: If we close above that ichimoku (Less improbable)
  • Bearish: If we meet the ichimoku price average line (More probable)
  • Fundamentals and TA in short term we are bearish (short term)


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Trading Journey
Trading Journey

My BTC/USD Trading Journey

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