BATUSD long term price prediction

By eliaskh | Trading Ideas | 22 Aug 2020

Here is my technical analysis for BATUSD on a daily timeframe: (Swing Position)

The price has broken the weekly resistance at 0.30$ and then did the pullback on this resistance. 

Yesterday, the price reached our first Target at 0.445$ and then consolidated. I remain bullish on BATUSD above the weekly resistance at 0.30$ that is now serving as a support for the price.

My next targets are: 

- TP1: 0.445$ (retest of previous high)

- TP2: 0.47$ (next big weekly resistance)

- TP3: 0.5$ (important psychological number and weekly resistance)

If price breaks below 0.30$, I'll turn bearish with a first target at 0.25$.



Disclaimer: This is a trading idea and not recommendation to buy or sell. Please trade based on your own convictions.

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Trading Ideas
Trading Ideas

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