How To Claim Your $FORTH Airdrop Given By Ampleforth

By Yaz Sheikh | Trading Blog | 22 Apr 2021

All Ampleforth holders woke up with a pleasant surprise today after the project announced they had airdropped their governance token, $FORTH, to all users that have interacted with $AMPL on-chain. 

If you have been holding $AMPL during the negative rebase periods or been providing liquidity into their liquidity incentive Geyser program, you might be in for quite a surprise when you check how much $FORTH you can claim.

Claiming your $FORTH is relatively straightforward, and this article will guide you through each step.

To find out more information about the $FORTH governance token, look at this official Medium post.

Claiming your $FORTH tokens

First, head over to the Ampleforth Governance page and click Connect Wallet;


This will bring up a selection of different wallet providers to connect to. In this case, we will choose the MetaMask wallet as this is where the $AMPL was stored;


A MetaMask window will pop up. Go ahead and select which wallet you would like to use and hit “Connect”;


The website will then check how much $FORTH is available for you to claim;


After a few seconds, it will show you how much is available for you. As you can see, in this wallet, there is a total of 2.81 $FORTH to claim. To claim it, go ahead and hit the “Claim Now” button;


A MetaMask window will appear, asking you to confirm the transaction. As you can see, there will be an Ethereum network gas fee that needs to be paid to claim your $FORTH. If you are happy with the fee, go ahead and click “Confirm”;


Once confirmed, the website will show the following screen as it waits for the transaction to be processed;


Once the transaction has been confirmed, you should see the following screen stating that you have claimed your $FORTH;


Make sure you go ahead and Tweet it to help with social engagement :)

That’s it. Your $FORTH will now be sat in your MetaMask wallet. You can either choose to hold them or send them over to Coinbase, Huobi, OKEx, or KuCoin to exchange them for another token. You can also use Uniswap to swap them in a decentralized manner.

How to See $FORTH in Your Metamask

$FORTH won’t automatically show inside your wallet. Instead, you will have to add it as a custom token. To do this, open the MetaMask menu and click “Add Token”;


On the next menu, click “Custom Token”;

Here, we need to enter the contract address for $FORTH. The contract address is;


Paste this inside the “Token Contract Address” field, and the rest of the fields will autofill themselves. Once entered, go ahead and click “Next”;

You should see your $FORTH balance on the following page. Go ahead and click “Add Token”;


$FORTH is now added to your MetaMask wallet;

There is an easier way to add $FORTH if you do not wish to do it manually. Simply head over to the $FORTH page on and click the “MetaMask” icon next to the Contract Address;

This will bring up a MetaMask window asking you to add the suggested token. Simply hit “Add Token”;


That’s all you need to do. $FORTH will now appear in the asset list on your MetaMask wallet.


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