We Can Help, I Can Help: I Made My First Crypto Donation!
We Can Help, I Can Help: I Made My First Crypto Donation!

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 17 Jan 2020

Today I made BTC donation to Oxygen Seven for wildfire recovery in Australia.

Oxygen Seven is a non-profit global reforestation initiative.

And all donations will go directory to the Australian Wildfire Fund.

I made a small amount but it will add up if we all help 🙂



Here is the Official Oxygen Seven BTC address: 3MZvPcMY5PwzFa6wgVJVXuJ8QtW5uiSs2d



My Donation:


Copy and paste the donation address


Confirm and Send!


Still pending... but this process will take some time because it's BTC :)


This was the BAT that I made from Brave Rewards and I just traded to BTC.
Sending crypto is very easy and fast.
I would like to see more donation like this. (accept multiple assets maybe?)

Resource: cointelegraph


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