Trade Tokens Fast and Easy with tomoyanSwap: How to Convert Tokens (LRC to ETH)

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 16 May 2020

I made this easy app the other day so you can use it to convert ETH tokens.

Go to tomoyanSwap And click "START TOKEN SWAP"


Change "From Token" to LRC and "To Token" to ETH. Change LRC token amount and check on "Agree" and "NEXT"


Transaction Detail will show up so hit "APPROVE". Your wallet will ask for your permission to proceed so confirm this transaction on your wallet.

transaction detail

Once confirmed, it's ready to swap tokens. You can change the gas fee in the "Advanced" option.

Click "CONFIRM" and then the transaction will be broadcasted to the network.



That is all. Check your wallet and loop coin will be traded to ETH.

Supported Wallet?

wallet support

tomoyanSwap is a very fast, simple, and secure way to convert tokens!

(because it's powered by kybers network 😛)

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