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PoolTogether: $250 Bonus Give Away

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 30 Apr 2020

I think people's mind is all tangled up and wired in a certain way so that if I mention "lottery", it fires up a red flag immediately and get defensive or something, so I should say

PoolTogether is a new way to win no-loss "savings game" 😉 better?

"no-loss" sounds scammy and too good to be true? But I honestly think it is a savings game too and if people are still skeptical which is okay and they should be, just always DYOR

But the same time, it is nice to have more crypto earning options in your pocket, so l just wanted to make aware that when you are ready, there are these options; PoolTogether and the new "pod" feature.

On top of that, winners will get $250 extra bonus!

Bidali teamed up with PoolTogether and they will be giving away 250 DAI to the weekly winner.

Bidali Gift Card is like a Brave Rewards Gift Card Market, but they use DAI (and other cryptocurrencies) so if you win, you can pay with DAI to buy gift cards. (you don't have to...)

buy gift card

If you like to give it a try, join the pool or pod here and win bonus prize!

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Are you Brave?

Earn BAT


Pod and PoolTogether Tutorial 

If you like to know more about the bonus: PoolTogether Blog: $250 Bonus Prize from Bidali

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