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How To "Transfer?" BAT From Brave Mobile Wallet (Step By Step)

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 9 Jan 2020

Bad News: Brave Rewards on your phone is not synced to Uphold so you can earn BAT but you can't take out BAT from your wallet.

This feature is not officially supported yet. (Maybe be implemented in the future?!)

Good News: There might be a way to take out your earned BAT from mobile wallet?

⛔️ Probably not a good idea though ⛔️

1. You need this Brave Rewards Creators account.

creator account

Just go there, simple sign up and add your channel. (skip if you have account already)


2. Go to your channel on your phone.

I used GitHub for my channel so mine is like this ⬇️

Just click on the wallet triangle and "SEND A TIP" to yourself :) 

github channel

3. Pop up will show up so select "Tip Amount" and "SEND MY TIP"

(You will get paid during the first week of each calendar month, it says ⬇️)

tip amount

4. That is it! Tip Sent 🎊

Thank you page will show up and the tip is deducted from your wallet.

thank you


5. But where did my tip go? How do I get that tip 🤔

I haven't actually received this tip yet, so I am not 100% but you can check it.

Go back to your creator page.

And you can see your tip there. (I tried to tip twice, 1 BAT each, minus 0.1 BAT fee?)

creator payment

If you scroll down, you can see the same amount there too.

github tip

And I noticed that there is a link to Uphold so I suspect that once payout is processed and everything, the amount will show up in Uphold?

So far, there is not activity though.

uphold activity

Please be careful. This is not the official way to "transfer" BAT from your mobile wallet.

Hopefully, they will add this feature soon, so we don't have to do this.

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