Earn More Through Your Contents: Everybody Should Be Verified Brave Creator!

Earn More Through Your Contents: Everybody Should Be Verified Brave Creator!

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 10 Apr 2020

If you are using Brave browser and viewing ads, you will receive Brave Rewards every month like this 👇

I received 24.66 BAT (~$4) from Brave Ads

brave browser

I have been using Brave about 4-5 months so I expect to receive a little BAT every month.

What I wasn't expecting was another BAT payout from them and it was a nice surprise! 👇

brave publisher

I received 118.49 BAT (~$20) for being a verified content creator!

And... it didn't stop there!


I am not exactly sure what is going on but I have been receiving BAT almost everyday this month 😮

The only thing I can think of is my verified websites or channels... probably my twitter.

So you guys should check this out too. This is the official Content Creator website here.


As a verified content creator, you will earn more BAT from your contents like these 👇


Becoming a verified creator is easy if you have Twitter or Reddit but if you have your own website especially GitHub page, getting your website verified is a little bit confusing.

Luckily, @Mynima has a simple guide 👇 how to set it up

Brave Verified GitHub Pages

So take a look at that before you do.

If you don't have a website? 🤔

Build one!

I am double dipping for my website(s) so I get tips from Publish0x and Brave creator (i made a tutorial before if you are interested) 😝

But any websites will work as long as you can verify ownership of your site.

The most important thing is to get your website verified so you can earn more.

I am not even a micro-influencer or anything. I only have 35 followers 😂 on my twitter so you guys can do a lot better than I do.

We Are All In This Together

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Are you Brave?

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