Brave Crypto Wallets: How to Add ERC20 Tokens Manually

Brave Crypto Wallets: How to Add ERC20 Tokens Manually

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 23 Jun 2020

When you use Metamask or Crypto Wallet some ERC-20 tokens show up automatically but some tokens never show up automatically even if you actually have tokens in your wallet. And it is a pretty scary feeling when you actually have some token, but it doesn't show up in your wallet so it feels like you actually don't have it or something and freaks you out.

Wallet Information

Zapper.Fi is a great tool. You can see all the assets in your wallet even if the asset that doesn't show up in Crypto Wallets. Zapper.Fi will grab all your wallet information even the assets that you are supplying or mining will all show up in your dashboard.

Just go to dashboard and connect your wallet and "Account Overview" will show what is going on with your wallet and if you need more info about each section, just click into it. It will show you more details.


You can even invest your tokens into liquid pools from Zapper.Fi and earn rewards too. It is a pretty neat tool.

What about missing tokens in Crypto Wallets

If you don't see tokens in your wallet, you can manually add to your wallet.

Go to your wallet (Settings menu -> Crypto Wallets or brave://wallet/) and "Add Token"

add token

Sometime "Search" will work. If it shows you what you are looking for, just click "Next" and that is all.

link token

But some tokens won't show up in the search... then you need to do "Custom Token" which looks like this and little intimidating 👇


You will need to fill out this form...

Token Contract Address?

If you are looking to add COMP or other custom tokens, this search won't find those tokens so you need add them manually but what is the contract address?

You can find pretty much all the token information here Etherscan


Click on the token that you are adding and "Contract"

contract address

Copy and paste the address into the "Token Contract Address" then just click "Next"

add token next

That is all. Added token will show up in your wallet.

token info

When I tried it on Coinbase Wallet app COMP token showed up automatically but some wallets don't do it automatically. When that happens, you will just need to know how to get a contract address so you can add it to your wallet.

Etherscan Token List

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