Brave Browser: "Sponsored Images" Officially Available On All Platforms 👏
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Brave Browser: "Sponsored Images" Officially Available On All Platforms 👏

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 12 Feb 2020

I just got a phone call from "Social Security Administration". (whatever...🙄)

And I was looking it up on google and this image showed up.


I kind of felt weird because "WD" was running the "Sponsored Images" before but it says "BlockFi" WTH

And it hit me💡💡💡

Sponsored Images now available on all Brave platforms, rewarding users who opt into Brave Rewards with 70 percent of the ad revenue

"Sponsored Images" is officially out on all Brave browsers and every 4th new tab is the "Sponsored Images".

I think this setting is default On, so if you don't have the latest version installed on your device and your version doesn't have the settings, the image will still show up. (i think)

Launch partner BlockFi featured in current campaign

Brave users will notice that their new tab page features a Sponsored Image, which is shown in every fourth new tab and alternates with Brave’s regular background images for new tabs.

I clicked on the BlockFi logo and it redirected to page.

Brave users get  $10 in BTCwhen they create and fund a BlockFi Interest Account.

Create Your Account And Let Your Crypto To Work: Here

try blockfi

 This is a great way to earn passive income on your cryptos.

Don't do nothing, Jus' earn interests :)


Get Rewarded For Browsing?: Here

Are you Brave?


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