BlockFi Statement (February, 2020) And Rate Change
BlockFi Statement (February, 2020) And Rate Change

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 4 Feb 2020

This is my BlockFiolio - 02/2020 

BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) will let your crypto to work so you can earn compound interest in crypto every month.

Last month, I earned $21.70 worth of crypto which is not bad.

Bitcoin price is up and I only had a little bit of USDC for less than 2 weeks and already earned something on it.


Total is 0.0023 BTC and 0.0609 USDC, the equivalent of $21.70 with BlockFi.

Rates have been changed though.

  • This was the original rates.



  • But starting February 1st, 2020, the rate has been "adjusted" to this.


USDC is still the same 8.6% APY so I am going to take advantage of that.

BTC 5.1% APY is still not bad though since Bitcoin price is going up crazy with halving and everything, a little bit of interest goes a long way.

You can read more about the rate adjustments here.

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