Brave Browser Rush into BAT With BTS For Limited Edition

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 11 Jun 2020

Brave partnered up with eSports, Rush Gaming and BTS.

rush brave


They are launching their own customized version of Brave Browser that are supposed to be available only in Japan!?
But I found these in the dark web (jk).

Brave, eSports team "Rush Gaming"

Brave Limited Edition

custom brave


It looks to me that the "limited edition" is just a customized background image. Is this just one background image or they have multiple images that rotate and make them "fresh"? How about sponsored images?
I didn't installed them so I don't know, but here are the landing pages if you are interested and want to download...




BTS page looks kind of sad compared to Rush but anyway, the browser works pretty much the same as the regular Brave except that the earned BAT can be used to support Rush or BTS or used for their special events or something.

I think it is a great marketing idea and these fans will download Brave and use it for something special and also the user base will grow and expand into a whole new audiences. It sounds like a win win for everybody.

I could see this happening to sports teams or Nike doing special tournaments or limited edition shoes or something, and the Brave is the only access point for them like NBA Finals at Disney World!

Exclusive Special Event Tickets and Contents available only inside the Brave new tab... stuff like that 🤔

nba pics


I don't know BTS or nothing but

Here is my limited BTS version you can download it from my website.

limited bts


(just kidding 😆)

cover image

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