BLURT Whales Making Big Waves

By tomoyan | tomoyan | 23 Aug 2020

When Blurt went live about a month ago I thought it would be another Steemit HF(Hard Fork) social media platform just like Hive, and Blurt is kind of like that. I didn't have high hopes to be honest.

Initially I was thinking I would just take out all my forked money and ditch the platform right away so I started powering down immediately.

What is Blurt is here 👇 by @alexandru-balan


But I started warming up to it. Blurt has it's own "flavors" and I really like their No Downvote system. Blurt has it own whale culture but it is not hostile like Steemit or Hive. (or I should say they can be pretty hostile sometimes) If whales don't like what you said on those platforms, you will get destroyed and your rewards will be taken away. You will be left alone with nothing.

Blurt doesn't have downvote so stuff like that would never happen. If whales don't like your content, you won't get upvoted. That is it.

But if they DO like your content, you will get upvoted BIG TIME!

My biggest post so far is this one 👇 I got about 208 BLURT. (1 BLURT = $0.01) 

Python Beem Project: HIVE/STEEM Token Swap Part 7

big upvote

How to get big upvotes from Blurt whales?


Secret is in the tag. (it's not actually secret)


Gardening and sustainable living


Story about women


Dream car post


Technology post

If you are already posting about blockchain or crypto here, you can post the same thing on Blurt. You will have a pretty good chance to get a huge upvote. You won't get penalized for double dipping since they don't have downvote anyway.

I think there are a couple more tags for photography and sports.

They keep adding these tags for you to use and get upvoted so make sure to follow Blurt tweet and discord for future announcement.

If you had Steemit account before HF, you you can use the same credential and STEEM is converted to BLURT.

If not, you can sign up here

Things I don't like about Blurt

  • Everything costs money. I think it is called microtransaction fee or something. Every time you post something, comments, upvotes... you have to pay a small fee for everything, and the fee varies like 0.001 - 0.005 BLURT. If you don't have BLURT in your wallet, you can't do anything. It is okay to withdraw BLURT from your wallet and trade it to other tokens, but if you take out everything, you won't be able to do anything after that because everything costs micro fee so be careful.
  • ionomy is the only exchange. This could change in the future, but BLURT is only listed on ionomy right now. You can trade BLURT here for other tokens and withdraw from there, but the withdraw fee can be pretty expensive depending on the token.
  • Website UI is not that great. It is pretty much the same as Steemit UI just color theme is different.

But other than that I kind of like it. I don't feel like I am walking on thin ice and living in fear or anything like that.

Blurt still has a long way to go though, and they need to make more improvements but I think BLURT has a big potential and bright future ahead.

My Blurt is here:

You can follow me and I will follow you too. If you are new to Blurt and don't have much BLURT, let me know I have some BLURT so I can send you a welcome package 😉

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