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What is the Brave browser, the BAT token and how can I take advantage of it ?

By tomdc5 | tomdc5 | 14 May 2021

What is the Brave browser ? 

Brave is a recent browser founded in 2016 by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of the JavaScript programming language, a language that has made websites dynamic. It is available on PC and mobile. This browser aims to change the use of advertising. Indeed, an ad blocker is integrated into the browser. But that's not all, Brave also offers to activate up to 5 advertisements (in the form of a notification and therefore non-intrusive) per hour and offers the user a Basic Attention Token in return.


What is the Brave Rewards program and the BAT ? 

Thus, by activating the Brave Rewards program, you can set a maximum number of advertisements per hour and receive for each advertisement seen some Basic Attention Token (BAT) , a Utility Token created by the company . As I said, the ads appear as a notification and do not interfere with internet usage at all.

With it, we can encourage content creators by sending some BAT, or even withdraw them and exchange them in another cryptocurrency or in USD, Euro, etc.

We will now see how to optimize your BAT gains.

First of all, activating the Brave Rewards program is the first step. Then, you can select the maximum number of advertising per hour, from 1 to 5, and choose the number of BAT offered each month to content creators. Indeed, the browser calculates the interest shown on each site per month and rewards by following this model the creators (owner of a Youtube channel , Twitch or of a website) who have interested us the most. You can also deactivate automatic contributions and keep your BAT.

A final possibility to earn BAT is to see the ads on the home screen of a new tab. By activating the option, we can see one every 4 new tabs up to 5 times per hour and thus earn 0.0005 BAT per advertisement viewed.




What can you really earn with this reward system ? 

By adding 0.025 BAT per notification and 0.005 per advertisements on a new tab, and by adding 5 notifications per day (1 hour of use) and 2 advertisements on a new tab (8 open tabs) per day, we arrive at 0 .135 BAT everyday. Payment are made monthly,

30 x 0.135 = 4.05 BAT per month for approximately one hour of daily use.

But the question we can all ask ourselves is : what is the BAT worth ?  

Here is a screenshot from on May 6, 2021 : 




So it is possible to earn around 5.5 USD per month.

However, as the token is much more accessible than other cryptocurrencies, and that it is still very recent, we can hope that the BAT will still gain a lot of value. Here is the graph of its value on since July 2017 : 




The token flew in early 2021, and it looks very promising for the coming months.

This is also the opinion of experts : 

Digital Coin Price believes the BAT will hit $ 2.40 by the end of 2021         

WalletInvestor thinks that the token will reach $ 1.32 at the end of the year         

Trading Beasts says it will hit $ 1.50 by the end of October this year         

Captain Altcoin predicts that the BAT will reach between $ 11 and $ 110 in 2023


Conclusion :

To conclude, I would say that this cryptocurrency is a great investment for years to come. In addition, we have nothing to lose by downloading a browser that blocks intrusive ads, and which pays us to receive a few notifications. Brave having already lowered the BAT rewards since its inception, I think the time to participate in the Brave Rewards program is now, before the token takes too much value and the rewards are further reduced. It was a short presentation of the subject, so feel free to read more.

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