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By tomdc5 | tomdc5 | 15 May 2021

I already talked about it in a previous article on Brave, you can earn cryptocurrency while surfing on the Internet . Brave or any other browser can be paired with Presearch , a search engine that rewards its users with cryptocurrency : the PRE.

What is the difference between a browser and a search engine ?

Few know it, but it is a very important subject to understand the continuation, what is a search engine and what is a browser ? 

A browser is software that allows you to view websites, while a search engine is a website that allows you to access different web pages. It is the search engine that lists all web pages in its index and by allowing to search keywords .

Examples : ChromeSafari Firefox, and Brave are browsers, and Google SearchBingYahoo, and Presearch are search engines

So, for those who have asked themselves the question, no need to choose between Brave and Presearch , you can enjoy the advantages of both without making a choice ! 


Presentation of Presearch

Presearch is a very recent project (2018), which provides an open source and decentralized search engine . It shares with its users an ERC-20 token : the PRE. The goal of this search engine is to provide a transparent solution to Google's monopoly (92% of the market in 2020).

Apart from the tokens, it is a classic search engine : we find the search bar, the quick access bar, etc.




Obviously, money does not fall from the sky, we also find ads at the top of the index, just like Google or other.


How much do we earn with ? 

For each search performed, the user receives 0.12 PRE , up to 30 times per day. He can then withdraw them and do what he wants with them. Here is the PRE value on : 




It is relatively little, but we earn it without changing our habits. In addition, as we always say, cryptocurrencies are very volatile : we can be practically sure that the token will increase in value given that it is a recent project and still too little known. 

According to Trading Beasts for example, it will hit $ 0.1 in the year 2023 . Digitalcoinprice predicts that it will reach this price 1 year earlier, in 2022.


How to add it to your browser ? 

To add it to your browser, you must first register on their site. You can use my referral link and earn 25 PRE : 

Then you will only have to add the extension to your browser, using this link if you are using Chrome, Brave or Opera :

A mobile app is also available on Android and IOS.

Once registered on the site and the extension installed, you can start earning PRE ! 

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