Want Your Own Blockchain Spaceship?

Want Your Own Blockchain Spaceship?

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 26 Jul 2020

The creative folk at Garage Studios, who are behind the blockchain-based game Dissolution, have announced they will be selling limited edition spaceships on August 1st.

Although the exact details are still to be announced, they have hinted that "You will be able to earn passive income by leasing these ships to other players..."

Shades of Terminator

The game itself uses impressive graphics to immerse the player in an environment reminiscent of the Terminator movie franchise.

Bye-Bye Enjin

Despite initial success with the leading gaming technology platform Enjin, Garage Studios migrated to their own platform using the Ethereum ERC-1155 standard earlier this month.

Outlining the thinking behind the move, CEO and Co-founder of Garage Studios Houston Song, said "Our main reason for leaving is because we want to experiment with different approaches to integrate blockchain NFTs in Dissolution."

By not being tied into contract with a specific gaming platform, Song implied they would be more fluid to adapt to any challenges that may arise through the introduction of Ethereum 2.0 and in particular be better placed to overcome any issues surrounding the implementation of sharding.


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