The Lost Vitalik - Sold for Over 20 ETH

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 16 Aug 2020

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) creator Coldie has scored another hit with his artistic 3D anaglyph rendition of Vitalik Buterin.

The eye-catching artwork called “The Lost Vitalik - Decentral Eyes Genesis” was snapped up for 20.24 ETH on the SuperRare platform and came with a pair of 3D glasses to allow the purchaser to see Ethereum's wunderkind in all his glory.

As discussed in an earlier article here on Publish0x, Coldie recently sold an animated Decentral Eyes NFT featuring Warren Buffet for 8 ETH. He chose the billionaire investor as his muse for that one because Buffet provided a "...perfect juxtapose for what he embodies and what we are creating."

Deep Pocket Investors

Appreciation of any art is subjective of course, but the figures Coldie is receiving in exchange for his work suggests people with deeper pockets than mine can see the uniqueness in his work.

Impressive sums were paid to take ownership of the images of Vitalik and Warren yet an art collector known as Quick-witted-klee-1993 upped the bar by paying 35 ETH (around USD$15,000) for the master of a Coldie NFT titled "Choose Your Own Adventure." 

As can be seen by his Twitter feed, Coldie also auctioned layers of the master - separate images that were contained within the master - for lower sums.

$Millions Made

While the opportunity to gain profit from DeFi tokens maybe on the minds of many within the crypto-space right now, a growing number are seeing the prospect of a new art form increasing in value as the digital economy grows and matures.

Earlier this month, the art marketplace SuperRare published figures that stated over $1.75 million had been earned by contributors to their platform.


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