Warren Buffet Sold for 8 ETH

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 9 Aug 2020

A Non-fungible token (NFT) of billionaire investor Warren Buffet sold for 8 ETH (worth over USD $3,000) recently on the Superrare platform.

Designed by the artist known as Coldie, the animated artwork is called Warren Buffet - Decentral Eyes - Variant 2 and "...explores a variety of punk design aesthetics and 3D methods for depth."

The second in a planned series of 10 pieces focusing on one of cryptocurrency's biggest opponents, this NFT captures Buffet's dismissive quote on the usage of crypto - "Bitcoin is a gambling device."

Coldie doesn't appear to be an overly-adoring fan of Buffet and refers to him as "...the 'Oracle of Omaha', Cherry Coke drinking, McDonald's devouring, white-haired stonk king himself, Warren Buffet."

Explaining his choice of subject and style, Coldie says, "I am going back to my roots and love for grunge design and distortion. Making Warren into punk rock-inspired art fills my soul with pleasure, a perfect juxtapose for what he embodies and what we are creating."

Quotes Aplenty

Buffet certainly has provided enough ammunition from his withering tongue for artists to get to grips with.

Earlier this year, the Oracle told CNBC that “Cryptocurrencies basically have no value and they don’t produce anything...[and]...I don’t own any cryptocurrency and I never will.”

Such an opinion seems almost mild compared to his earlier assertion when speaking to the same organisation in 2018 that Bitcoin is “...probably rat poison squared.”

Stonk King

The artist Coldie certainly recognises Buffet's prowess in the old financial world and refers to him as 'stonk king' which uses an established internet mis-spelling of the word 'stock' to poke fun at the facade of legitimacy surrounding the traditional market.

Buffet himself has previously acknowledged that the security of our old economic system is a failure in the making and he warned in 2003 that the complexity of derivative financial products created a "daisy chain risk" that could bring down the whole charade and equated them to "...financial weapons of mass destruction that posed a grave risk to the stability of the banking system."


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