Epstein co-conspirators are now in the aim of civil lawyers. With many of the suspects being millionaires, where will they hide their assets?

By WiseFishCM | Todayincrypto | 13 Aug 2019

24 hours before Epstein was found dead in his cell 2000 pages of documents related to his case was released. 
The documents are said to contain names of people who enabled Epstein to proceed with his crimes. many these people are supposedly millionaires.

-Follow the money
Now with Epstein dead the civil lawyers are setting aim for those who made all this possible. 
Princes, presidents and other 1%'ers are being speculated as being in the inner circle of all this.
Deep investigations are now focusing on following the money connected with the timeline of the incidents uncovered in the documents that just got released.  

The question is,  where will these co-conspirators hide their wealth, how will they protect their assets? 
Bitcoin ? Monero ? zcash? 

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