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It's 2019, Some stuff changes, others don't

21 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Spigfish

Callisto Network starts its long waited promotion campaign, Starting with chance to win 10k $CLO and CLO swag

11 Sep 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Spigfish

Callisto Network has been working with Smart contract auditing for more then 1 year now. Over 300 contracts has been audited and secured by the audit team. 56.4% of all CLO is locked in the Cold staking smart contract giving 1.6% reward every 27 days...

Bitcoin getting blacklisted, @whale_alert teaming up with #BitcoinAbuse, $23 mill for AI to start tracing and locating

5 Sep 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Spigfish

Coindesk reports:Crypto Sleuthing Firm Elliptic Raises $23 Million. Elliptic uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to trace and locate suspicious transactions on blockchains..Yet another argument for the need of private currencies, the ne...


Callisto Network (CLO) Cold Staking And Tipping Bots 🤖

1 Apr 2020 Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

01 April 2020
Great article covering the fundamental features of Callisto Network!

Anonymous Trade Platform

5 Sep 2019 Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

05 September 2019
Nice hidden refferal links ;)

Never lose another Publish0x referral!

3 Sep 2019 viraladmin

03 September 2019
I have my link binded on my keyboard, But this is smoother ofc :) Thanks for the tip brother! :)

Zcash operating company reports losses

2 Sep 2019 goldenforex

02 September 2019
How is z-cash better then monero? Honest question

It Looks Like Satoshi Has Been Found And Almost Nobody Talks About This Guy Yet?

16 Aug 2019 Adamic0

16 August 2019
Craig wright :D Personally i do not think so. But even if he was one of the creators he should just take the loss and stop with what ever he's doing right now. That will be easy doing from prison now i suppose, concidering he lied under oath ;D

Tron CEO Sets a New #1 Priority For The Project

13 Aug 2019 Ed-california

14 August 2019
This is regarding binance.us :)

Bitcoin Heading Lower As Expected But Where Can We Rebound?

13 Aug 2019 CryptoChartWizard91

14 August 2019
https://www.publish0x.com/todayincrypto/monero-become-second-biggest-crypto-governments-tracking-dow-xyyxge?a=J0dN0Q6aLO&tid=Monero or monero? :)

Cash is disappearing, What European country will be first?

12 Aug 2019 Spigfish

13 August 2019
Interesting inputs! I must agree with Sweden probably being the next one up! Exciting times ahead! Thank you for stopping by!

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Kyber Network (KNC) Decentralized Token Swaps In Real-Time

3 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

The Kyber Network is a promising project that is based on the Ethereum protocol and aims to fully decentralize the exchange of cryptocurrencies. If you prefer ERC20 Tokens like Basic Attention Token and DAI Stable Coin, I believe that you will also l...



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Lover of freedom, art, free expression, the universe of the Cryptocurrency, the Cryptoart and my family obvious.


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Hi, My name is Anthony Martinez, founder of ebits a proof of stake cryptocurrency, https://emeraldminingcompany.com


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I am Mbanga Peter Nchetinjem. Born in West Cameroon on the 15th of March 1973. <Married and a Father of four children.


Владимир, 30 лет. Проживаю в гор. Уссурийске. Устанавливаю кондиционеры. Пытаюсь разбераться в криптовалюте


I'm beginner

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Crytpo rised world . I would like analyes crypto . all Followers Will Get Best Here.


Well I'm a weird story-teller that wasn't gifted with the appropriate amount of common sense that a human being would need to survive on a daily basis.


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Just I am new in crypto field with good experience. I hope I Will always do some good.


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Originalcryptoz™is a job for me .!.!. Crypto is just a new fashion job with smart life.


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I'm quit busy right now


I am a crypto enthusiast and earner. I'm very gregarious.