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BTC dominance showing #altcoinseason on the way. XLM having interesting signs. Will it be first to run?

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As dominance is showing signs of the next Altcoin season being here. At the same time we can also see the altcoins bottoming out. XLM is making an exact copy in the weekly chart of the last bottom before moving up. This might be the best time to go i...

Bakkt to add more crypto futures contract depending on what customers wants. Here's how you vote for your coin!

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In interview information just came that Bakkt will add more crypto future contract's depending on what customers need, We just need to mail them with our request!Take a minute and send them your request! "We’ll consider additional contracts as the la...

Ripple Pumps 1bn XRP in to coil.com in hope of taking over the Content Sharing scene

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Colil.com had earlier this year a partnership and $20M investment into Imgur.Users pay a $5 monthly subscription, which is paid out to content creators on a streaming basis depending on how much content the creator has. Xpring has just allowed 1 bill...

Roger Ver misstakenly shows off big security flaw in BCH when trying to brag of it's speed (0 confirmation transactions )

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In a recent clip posted on twitter Roger Ver makes a BCH  transaction in milliseconds.What he didn't realize was that in this attempt to brag about the speed, the security flaw of 0 confirmation transaction is also revealed. Now people are pointing t...

Binance adds new ordertype OCO (Order cancels order)

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Binance will perform a scheduled system upgrade starting at 2019/08/15 02:00 AM (UTC). The upgrade will take approximately 6-8 hours. What is a One-Cancels-the-Other Order - (OCO)   A one-cancels-the-other order (OCO) is a pair of orders stipulating...

Monero to become second biggest crypto ? Governments tracking down cryptocurrency users

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Court orders Coinbase to leave out user information to IRS  SEC installing their own bitcoin nodes to be able to scan the blockchain and track movements of funds IRS sending out letters to cryptocurrency users expecting them to pay upEvery month we g...

Next hollywood movie in line getting in to crypto! The hustle (2019)

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Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the men who have wronged them.All along preserving the wealth in bitcoin! I will not spoil more then that :)  In cinemas now!...

Shout out to miners! Spread the hash rate, you have nothing to lose

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Why miners should think twice when choosing what pool to mine from So we found that gem that is going to 100x and started to mine away! Why is it important to think about what pool to mine from before leaving the rig to crack those blocks? The whole...

Bill Pulte giving away thousands of dollars of crypto and cash on Twitter to his "teammates"

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Bill has taken twitter by storm in a couple of weeks after starting to give away thousands of dollars to people in need. CashApp has been the main way of sending the funds to his teammates but Bitcoin has also been talked about.    A car was given to...

Epstein co-conspirators are now in the aim of civil lawyers. With many of the suspects being millionaires, where will they hide their assets?

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24 hours before Epstein was found dead in his cell 2000 pages of documents related to his case was released. The documents are said to contain names of people who enabled Epstein to proceed with his crimes. many these people are supposedly millionair...