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By WiseFishCM | Todayincrypto | 12 Aug 2019

 How investors themselves can request to have the project’s smart-contract audited, for free

The cryptocurrency space is filled with projects using smart-contracts that solve problems that simply could not otherwise be solved without a middle man whom we would have to trust.

This is why smart-contracts is making such big moves in to corporate businesses in a tremendous phase. Everyone knows that there are huge benefits of cutting out the human in a complicated and sometimes sensitive process of information handling.

But with this explosive development of smart-contracts solving different problems we are still left with one, very complicated issue. The code.
How does an investor know that the project he is investing in has developed it’s smart-contract with security as the main focus?

Here is where Callisto network has found its place in the space!
Callisto offers investors who want to ensure that the project they are about to put their money in to has developed a secure product.
Anyone can request for a smart-contract security audit done by professionals from Callisto, free of charge. A report with all findings will be received as soon as the audit is finished and a clear picture of the project can be formed.

Development with security as the main goal must be the priority for all projects handling investor capital.
This is why Callisto network in this way forces all projects in the space to offer their customers the highest quality and secure solutions as anyone can ask to have them audited.

Any smart investor with big capital will ask for smart-contract security audit before investing in a project. And now there is a way for them to do it with a click of a button, and without cost.

“Callisto is intended to become a de facto security standard or independent 3d party expert for the whole industry of smart-contract development.” / Developer Dexaran

Callisto has set the goal to secure the crypto space and has so far audited 293 smart-contracts at the time of this article with 70 on going projects being worked on at the Github


Are you thinking about investing in a project and want its smart-contract to be audited?

Please visit :

For any questions for the Callisto Team regarding the Audits or CLO token please join their Telegram channal:

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