I can't be the only person who is just SICK of trying to buy crypto, only to have my transaction stopped by MY OWN BANK to "help protect against fraud."  Cut the bullshit.  This isn't fraud protection and it isn't a service.  How do I figure?  I'm so glad you asked that question.  Let me break it down for you:

1.  A "service" is something you can decline to use or receive if you do not want it.  "Fraud protection," however, cannot be disabled on accounts with any US-based bank that I know of.

2.  I have never had "fraud protection" stop an actual fraudulent charge.  It has, however, stopped hundreds of legitimate purchases that I have attempted.

3.  "Fraud protection" services work by flagging transactions with a "suspicious activity report," or SAR.  All SARs are forwarded to the IRS and FBI "to help protect your identity."  My ass.  This is a part of the PATRIOT Act, which basically allows federal government to track your money "to prevent the funding of terrorist organizations."  Every crypto transaction involving a centralized bank and/or exchange is automatically flagged with an SAR, though this does not always prevent the transaction from occurring.  This is because "any transaction involving cryptocurrency is suspicious."

4.  I fail to see how, after providing pictures of the front and back of my driver's license along with a video of me looking over my right shoulder and then reading a series of numbers off my screen, there can be any possible way to confuse this transaction for a fraudulent one.

So, to summarize, US-based financial institutions use SARs so the government can track funds, which makes it increasingly difficult to purchase crypto with a credit or debit card from one of these institutions and it's getting on my nerves.  PayPal needs to hurry up and adopt Bitcoin so we can have ourselves a workaround for centralized stupidity.  That is all.

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Disabled veteran, father of 7 and crypto investor with a natural talent for research and a God-given gift with numbers.

tipplenurkey's thoughts
tipplenurkey's thoughts

My real name is Jordan. I'm a disabled combat veteran of the US Army, husband and stay-at-home father of seven. This will be the generic blog for all things not related to my website or potential earning opportunities.

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