Dear Publish0x, I have a few suggestions. #1, direct user-to-user messaging.

   At first, I intended to contact the operators of the site with these ideas directly, but I decided against it for a number of reasons.  First, I have yet to locate their contact information (although that may be because I haven't really looked for it).  Second, I thought it would be nice of me to save them some time by sharing the idea here first and getting the community's opinion on it so they don't have to waste time on an opinion poll or some such thing.  Now, on to the meat and potatoes!

   Let me start by saying I absolutely love this website.  It has been a fantastic information resource for me and so far the most effective platform for promoting my own website.  The fact that user get paid for all types of participation is icing on that cake.  There are, however, a number of areas in which I believe there is room for improvement.  As the title of this post indicates, one of those areas is communication between users.  It is wonderful to be able to create and share content within a like-minded community and be paid for one's efforts, but beyond the occasional snippet in a comment section, there is no functional way for users to carry on discussions at length without sharing personal contact information on a public forum.  In a community such as this, where the open sharing of information and opinions is the primary function, one should be able to engage directly with other users without having to return to a particular post's comment section.  The inability to do so leaves something to be desired in terms of our ability to communicate effectively.

   I suppose one could share an email address or social media handle in said comments, but in a group that is largely focused on decentralization and, more importantly, on personal anonymity, such sharing creates the unnecessary risk of exposure.  There is, for example, no real way for a user to know that, after sharing contact information in a comment, that the person who contacts them via that information is actually the person with whom they intended to connect.  Depending on the nature of content in the original post and/or the possible controversy of opinions expressed therein, an individual may not wish their information to be made public for fear of being harassed/ridiculed across other social platforms.

   Based on these observations, I believe that a means of direct messaging between users here should be integrated as soon as humanly possible.  There are a multitude of benefits to such a system and, as far as I can imagine, no problems which might arise from it that could not be solved by adding the option to block and report messages from users on a case by case basis, as is already implemented in the comment sections.

   It is my informed opinion that such a direct messaging system would eventually draw new users to the site as word would inevitably begin to spread about it, which can only be good for business as it would generate more ad traffic and therefore considerably increase your revenue.  The last point I will make is that the comment sections here seem, in my experience, to be limited to a certain number of replies per comment, making it even more difficult to converse with one another.

   I'll end this by saying, once again, that I love this site and you are doing a really great thing by fostering this community where crypto experts and enthusiastic beginners can get together and share information and ideas in a setting blissfully uncluttered by obnoxious banner ads and unnecessary restrictions on content while being rewarded for participating by any means.

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Disabled veteran, father of 7 and crypto investor with a natural talent for research and a God-given gift with numbers.

tipplenurkey's thoughts
tipplenurkey's thoughts

My real name is Jordan. I'm a disabled combat veteran of the US Army, husband and stay-at-home father of seven. This will be the generic blog for all things not related to my website or potential earning opportunities.

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