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How to start mining Chia - A noob guide.

What is Chia?

It is a new crypto coin, started in 2017 but only recently getting on popularity, proving what most of the coins provides that is the smart contracts. They say it is the first enterprise-grade digital money. To be honest I see little difference between Chia and other coins, at least in the official description of what it is. The truth is that Chia is unique in the way how it is mined.

How to mine Chia?

So Chia is the first crypto that does not use Proof of work( that is the heavy and power greedy computation) nor Proof of stake, it has created the Proof of time and space. That meant instead of computing or owning the coins, you will need to plot and then farm your hard disk. By the way, to have any results, you will need a lot of free space. Plus is that after the plot is done the "mining " machine does not have to be powerful to farm effectively. Please remember to not use SSD for farming as Chia can kill such disk in weeks, the preferable solution is to use the spinning hard disks.


This is a CPU and Ram intensive step. So I do advise using the better machine as on the low-end machine the plot creation can take up to a day. However, after it is done plot can be transferred to a lowe end harvester. The default Chia plotter is good on the high clock CPUs. In a case, your plotting PC has modern but not the fastest CPU you can use a non-standard plotter:


As I have mentioned before the farming is not the CPU nor RAM intensive and can be done almost on anything. The problem could be that you have to connect all your hard drives to this machine.


Currently, there is no pooling protocol for the Chia Network.  There are some pools (like hpool and CorePool) but both are running on the proprietary software and are not officially supported by the network itself. The Chia team is currently working on an official protocol which will allow creating pool which should help user without Petabytes of storage. The biggest problem with this new protocol is that the plots will have to be recreated for pools.

Do I earn anything?

After I managed to find all working and not used hard drives I have managed to create 33 plots and it I have connected them to Core-pool. After a few days I 0.002667 XCH which is still below the payout limit. Later on, I will try to provide some better figures and report on how profitable Chia can be.

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