Adventure in town building - Week 8 with dCity

Hello fellow city builders

I have not put any content for a few weeks. To be honest not much happened until the last few days. Allow me to start with a small update about my city.

City changes


For the past few weeks, I have been slowly buying cards. I am buying mainly 4 cards: office, farm, job centre and workers.

I have slowed buying the houses, normal and luxury ones, as the prices went to the roof and it was more economical to buy the Worker. Recently I have switched to purchasing the Worker (education) as it gives me a little bit of education boost. With the boost in the latter, I have a 3% of technology discovery, however, I did not discover anything yet.

I continue my slow card purchase, usually buying one income-generating card and then filling the people providing cards so it will work. It is not the fastest strategy but works for now.

Rankings and earning.


I have two incomes I need to count.

First, I do earn around 150 SIM per day. That includes the 100 Tax refunds, 10 to 20 taxes and 1.1 war shares. The war share varies day to day but last, few were around 40 SIM, which is not bad at all.

Additionally, I have two sources to earn hive. I got around 0.007 HIVE for my SIM Power. Currently, due to a large crisis, the tax went to the roof, in my case I move from +20 to -113, which surprisingly moved me from ~350 to 198 position in the rankings, which moved my income from 0.009 HIVE to 0.029 HIVE. For now, my gain in HIVE is almost as high as the one from a drop.
I am still far from any other ranking to be able to receive anything at all.

I do not count any gains in Beer or Entry as it is minimal and provide no benefits for now.

Plans for future

I am going to continue my small amount of SIM purchases per day. I tend to sell other coins to allow me to buy some SIM so I can buy more cards to get more SIM.

I also continue of paying my student debts, I am doing it one per day in hope of getting a Lawyer or Hacker. For now, I got Soldiers mainly.

As some of you might know there are some changes coming to dCity. There was some post about PvP. Now there were new Datacenters and job posts, which I think will increase the role of Hackers in the game.


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