What Types of Investment Gold Are Offered?

By stag89 | timely-snacks | 6 May 2023

The main division in investment gold is between gold bars and gold coins. But products can be classified by many indicators, which shows how much flexibility this asset class provides.

A feature that can be used when choosing is the content of pure gold. Historical gold coins, as a rule, contain impurities of other metals, because they were used in daily payments, and pure gold is relatively soft. Modern ones are in most cases made of pure gold with a sample of .9999, as they are not produced with the idea of serving for transactions. The exception is the American golden eagle coins, containing 91.67% pure gold or 22 carats.

Investment gold comes in a huge variety of weight values. The smallest bars contain one gram of pure gold, and the largest – 12.5 kg or 400 troy ounces. They are mainly used in bank payments, as central bank reserves and as a standard on some exchanges. Coins also have a wide choice of pure gold content. For example, the Chinese panda is available in weight of 1, 3, 8, 15 and 30 grams, and the Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra – with a weight of 1/10 ounce or one troy ounce. In addition, they can be divided into historical and modern.

Last but not least, products can be distinguished by whether they have a certificate of authenticity or not. This is usually accompanied by gold bars. The only form of certification certifying the parameters of an asset is that issued by the refinery or mint that produced it.

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