Preventing Online Shopping Fraud

By stag89 | timely-snacks | 16 Mar 2023

Apprehensive about making purchases online because you worry about credit card fraud? The following advice can help you shop carefully and keep yourself safe:

1. Speak with your bank or credit card provider to set up a different, low limit credit card that will be used solely for online purchases. While the fraudulent amount would only amount to a few hundred dollars as opposed to hundreds of dollars, this will provide you some peace of mind in the event that your card information is compromised. But keep in mind that, for the most part, you are not liable monetarily for fraudulent charges (check your credit card terms).

2. Examine the terms of your credit card. Most businesses will not hold you financially liable for fraudulent charges. If you notice any fraudulent charges, contact your credit card company right away. They will put a hold on future purchases and remove the charges from your account. You will be required to sign affidavits stating that the charges were not yours and that they are indeed criminally charged on your behalf.


3. When shopping online, use a credit card rather than a debit card linked to your bank account. It can take a few weeks for your bank to credit your account, even though the money in your bank account is typically safeguarded against fraudulent charges as well. There is paperwork to do, and affidavits must be signed.


An empty banking account just makes an already difficult situation worse because you still need to pay your bills while you wait for your money to be refunded.

4. Think about using an online financial service like Online merchants do not have access to your credit card information when you use PayPal. Because PayPal transactions require you to login and confirm each purchase, the risk of fraudulent charges is reduced. In addition, PayPal has a Buyer Protection policy in place.

Shopping online can provide you with a much larger selection of goods while also saving you money with all of the price cuts and deals available. You can help keep the shopping experience enjoyable by shopping wisely on the internet.

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