When Will All This Sufferings End for XRP Army?

When Will All This Sufferings End for XRP Army?

By Tikyi Khant | Tikyi Khant | 25 Jul 2020

Almost every coin(especially lowcaps) is pumping 2-10x crazy in today market with bullish fundamentals  such as Paypal and US banks coming .

But why is XRP not following the Bullish market yet?

Is it because of Massive  XRP sell off from the Team and Ripple CoFounder Jed McCaleb?

Or is it  because 'XRP is not Decentralized' FUD narrative?

I have seem ppl calling XRP 'just a Hype and Fomo shitcoin'. Is it true though?I dont actually believe so.

XRP adoption ≠ price increase

We have seen several XRP partnerships with Banks/xCurrent launch which means Adoption but price does not seem to bother to pump.

Is this the sign of Whales price suppression?


Or is it that XRP is already overpriced due to too much Total Supply?


Been so long I have not heard about XRP to 589$ by End of Year.

Can XRP Army Suffer more Even in this market?Probably.

It can rise all it wants in USD ,following the BTC/USDT but the real strength lies in XRP/BTC.

It broke down of the historical support of 2526 sats which is now a huge resistance.It will need to break above 2526 sats on weekly to have some hopes again ,otherwise it will be touching yellow box support around 1628 sats after getting rejected from current red box.

After XRP broke above 2526 sats,closest resistance will be 50EMA(Red) at 2985 sats.Another resistance will be 100 EMA(Blue) at 4358 sats.

So even,IF EVEN,XRP broke above 100 EMA on weekly which is very difficult,it'll still be a long way for XRP army to recover.

Do I recommand Shorting XRP?Absolutely not.
We should not short the coins near the bottom.

Share me ur opinions on only what can save XRP now.

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Tikyi Khant

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Tikyi Khant

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