Complete Guide on How to Trade on Binance DEX!

By Tikyi Khant | Tikyi Khant | 20 Jul 2020

Hi Everyone

This is a guide for newbies who wish to trade on  Binance DEX.

A little Intro about Binance DEX?

Binance DEX is based on the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) protocol and allows users to exchange crypto assets directly between each other. Binance DEX is created on a high powerful blockchain engine “Tendermint Core” with one-second block times, that provides the speed, which is also the same to centralized exchanges.

To trade on Binance Dex directly with your wallet funds,firstly you need a wallet 
I'll be giving examples with Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet.

 Step 1- Download Wallet

1.Trust Wallet -Download


2.Atomic Wallet-Download
9195e6fd6fff4d51715bebc1857142f0dfea5e610340caf8004fe73b0211c6d8.pngStep 2-Create Wallet

-Install App 

-Create Multicoin-Wallet 


-Write down 12 seeds phrases in ur notebook.(If you forgot these 12 phrases,your wallet can NEVER  be recovered.)

Step 3-Fill the wallet with BNB 

To Trade on Binance DEX, you will need Binance Coin(BNB) mainly as all the coins listed on DEX are paired to BNB.

If you don't have BNB,you can buy from Binance.

Step 4-Connect Your Wallet to Binance DEX

First go to Binance DEX website.

Click Connect Wallet


Click 'Get WalletConnect QR Code' and you will be given a QR code which you have to scan with ur specific wallet.

For Trust Wallet,
Open the App


-Click Setting Icon

Click WalletConnect and scan QR code given from the site.

For Atomic Wallet,

-Open the App


-Click Setting Icon


-Click WalletConnect and scan QR code given from the site.

After connecting your Wallet To Binance DEX,the bnb address of your Wallet will appear on the site like this and you can start trading the coins listed on Binance Chain.



Happy Trading on Binance DEX!

Share me your thoughts/questions about Binance DEX.

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Tikyi Khant
Tikyi Khant

I started the journey by doing airdrops,then I become investor then I became full time trader

Tikyi Khant
Tikyi Khant

I'll be mainly sharing about Trading Analysis,Research on new promising coins,Bounties & Airdrops mainly

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